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  1. have had the brown/dark spots that look like scabs in color but are under the skin for many months from picking about 8 months ago...finally got frustrated and used ACV (1:1 with water), soaked in tissue paper and just put that on my mark. (I read about this from another asian poster on this site and just adopted his method). before i knew it my skin was almost white and soft, and (stupidly or not) just kinda picked at it...before i knew it i hiad peeled off the darkened areas, and now i'm lef
  2. anyone combine retin-A with scarzone and see quicker results for brown/red marks?
  3. i know everybody has been raving about the 100% pure aloe vera gel for their red/brown marks. i couldn't find it so have been using Hawaiin Tropic...not sure if it is working or not, although it has only been a day. but i've been slathering it on, rubbing it in, leaving it on for a few hrs, then doing it again....do you think this is just as effective (or even remotely) as the 100% pure? thanks!
  4. Just found this site the other day, and am SOOOO grateful to find a support group to vent, explore, and see suggestions. I am too embarased to talk to other people, and sometimes i get so depressed and dejected that it makes me antisocial. brief history - had tons of breakouts from mid school on, went to a derm, on retin-a and for the most part it has worked. i've been on retin for a while now (5 years or so?), and i cannot imagine not going through my day w/out using it to go over my acne, o