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  1. Yup, I agree with cjb that facial is only good if you are going for the extraction. Otherwise, the whole 'skin is so smooth' sensation only lasts about one to at most two days. In my experience, I find that facials are not really necessary. I first went for facials because I was breaking out really bad. I thought they would help, but on hindsight, they really didn't do so in any substantial manner. The extractions helped somewhat, but it's only temporary because my pores get clogged again real
  2. There are a few triggers actually. The one that gave me the worst breakout (read: entire-face-and-refuse-to-go-away-worst, which I'd tackled with over the past year) was a combination of stress and heavy coffee drinking over a period of time. Once I reduce the coffee intake to just half a cup every morning and practice yoga cum regular running to combat stress, my breakout ceased over the last 6 months, and my skin started to heal a hell a lot faster when prior to these changes, they don't seem
  3. I'm gonna back Christinalee88 on this one. I used to be a heavy coffee drinker when I started university, having it first thing in the morning, then in between my classes, sometimes adding up to as much as 6 cups a day. Then I guess things just accumulated till it's so bad, my skin breakout and was totally out of control. I never had breakout that bad and that refused to subside no matter what I do. I was desperate. So, I decided to stop coffee as part of my holistic approach, and it makes a tre
  4. I'm into the second month of taking MSM and I was just telling my mother the other day that my skin has become mysteriously more 'moisturised', in that it's soft and smooth. It's not just the face, but the whole body. I used to have really dry, flaky skin around the calves and ankles, but they are smooth to the touch now. Very good feeling. No amount of lotion in the past has ever done that before, and I wasn't even using any lotion all this time. I take MSM along with Vit C (1000mg), as per A
  5. I used to have skin like yours; oily but with dehydrated surface. If I were you, I would be more worried about the dryness as it tends to spark off more problems. I found that Olay Moisturizing Cream for Sensitive Skin is very good for my skin. I use it at night and it helps with the dryness so much that my skin is actually 're-texturized'. No more roughness and flaking round the nose, cheeks and lips; only smooth and calmed skin. As for the oil, I don't actually have a clear idea how my face
  6. Like Baptista, I have had problems with Neutrogena products. I have very sensitive skin and after trying many different products, I've recently found my perfect moisturizer - Olay Moisturising Cream for Sensitive Skin. It was a impulse purchase, and imagine my surprise when what seems like a heavy duty cream work like a charm for my face. I have oily skin but dehydrated surface and none of what I've used (not even Jojoba oil) has been able to improve my skin texture. But with the Olay moisturize
  7. Hello there, I believe you are on the right track towards healthy skin. I have had a very bad breakout (all over the face) about half a year ago for no reason. I went to the doctor and even spent a bomb on facials, but nothing really helps significantly. Then I got fed-up and decided to take things into my own hands and went natural too. Am now perfectly clear. Like I've said, you are on the right track with the exercise and diet changes, but to add on though, also cut out coffee if you happen
  8. This is something I read off the newspaper -- blend carrot and onion together in ratio of 2:1 (I use half a medium size carrot with a quarter onion). Mix a tablespoon of honey to the mixture. Add a few drops of lemon juice for oily skin. Mixed all the ingredients well and apply on face. Keep on for 10-30 minutes. Wash off properly. I've tried it and found that it helps reduce pimples, especially big painful ones. Hope it works for others as well.
  9. Hi there. I've used both Bobbi Brown (compact and liquid) and Prescriptive (custom blend and virtual matte). Bobbi Brown compact is my favourite as it's fuss free, smooth to apply and covers about everything. You might find it a little too heavy, but the cover looks really natural. The liquid works well too, but compact is a personal preference. Bobbi Brown products don't make me break out. As for Prescriptive...well, I genuinely like the brand, and I was very happy with my custom blend. But th
  10. Hi all! I came across this fabulous site today and read this thread in one ago, and woah, I'm definitely intrigued! I had very bad breakout (coupled with hyper sensitive skin due to medicine prescribed by doc) two months ago which left me with angry red marks, especially on my nose (which I'm told is hard to heal ). The acne problem was solved with very expensive visits to Leonard Drake and using Dermalogica. And while I'm very pleased with Dermalogica products, they are expensive, and none of