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  1. Hi. I would like to ask the one's who went through the dermabrasion process a few questions, since I'm planning to get it done in a few monthes from now: - Can dermabrasion fix pigmentation problems? - Would my skin lose somewhat of it's texture after the performance? I have clear skin in some areas so i wanna keep it -If I wanna perform Bio-Alcamid Injection, should I do it before or after dermabrasion? -In what cases does the procedure involves risks, like additional/bigger scars? I did
  2. hello! well I'm not different from most of you here but still I would like to ask you about a certain scar I have in my right cheak...what do you all suggest I do about it? I mean, what kind of treatment best suits for it? My english is not that good so don't me so much.. )
  3. helloo..well i'm no special with my troubles but I was wondering if you could tell me what can i do with my scar..or whatever that is.. I THINK you could recognize it easily