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  1. Just curious whether anyone has been able to book a dermabrasion on days other than Mon. or Tues.?
  2. Excellent post! I really think you should write a book
  3. Thanks for posting all of that There are quite a few hormones that are a bit 'off' in my system, so I have been researching and requesting a ton of tests. I know already that I have PCOS and Hypothyroidism, as well as adrenal problems, but I want to make sure I am covering all bases to ensure appropriate treatment.
  4. Sweetjade - Do you happen to have a list of all of the various tests you had done? Your endocrinologist sounds wonderful - does he happen to live in MN by chance?
  5. If you happen to not have left yet for your trip, could you also just confirm with him the average healing time and likelihood of hyperpigmentation or similar adverse effects(although I know it will vary based on skin type and from person-to-person)? Good luck, and thanks
  6. Does anyone know the approximate amount of healing time overall (i.e. looking normal without wearing make-up?) Also, how long does sun exposure have to be restricted? You both look great, thanks for posting pictures!
  7. Just wondering if everyone would list what dosage of Spiro they are on and whether it has been effective. I have not seen results in 2 months on 100 mg, so am wondering if the dosage simply needs to be increased (or I may need to switch to another anti-androgen such as Flutamide).
  8. Just curious whether anyone else is using this yet besides myself. It is one of the best products I have found for reducing acne.
  9. Thanks everyone for your responses! I definitely have a list to try
  10. Thanks for your responses. What Estee Lauder one works well? That would be perfect if it works even for just a few hours...my wedding is in February of next year.
  11. Has anyone experienced even more breakouts on Spiro or simply found that it just did not work for them? My acne is definitely hormonal, as I have PCOS, but Spiro does not seem to be helping after almost 2 months.
  12. Can anyone recommend a good concealer, not for red marks, but for brown or dark purple marks from hyperpigmentation? I have one area that refuses to go away (despite lactic acid peels, tazorac, hydroquinone, etc) so I would just like to find an effective cover-up for them. I currently use Jane Iredale, but would be open to any brand. Thanks in advance!
  13. This forum is very helpful...I had another question regarding TCA peels. I am planning on spot treating with the 12.5% but am also having microdermabrasions done. How much time should I allot in between the microderm's and TCA spot treatment?
  14. I also did not see any results with Smoothbeam, either in decrease in acne or reduction of scars. And it also caused 3 scars on my cheek that had not been there prior to Smoothbeam.