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  1. I was clear from June until like 3 weeks ago when I started skipping BP applications. BIG MISTAKE!!!! Zits are coming back! Yikes!
  2. If you like the sea level, you should try the Mary Kay line that is actually designed for the face. Sea level is a body moisturiser. The stuff MK makes for the face is even better. I have been using it for years.
  3. Ya need to let 'em grow back in...Wait a month or two. In themeantime, avoid the eyebrows when applying bp!
  4. Paranoia will destroy ya! No way, dude! You would have to drink the stuff to get a headache from it. However, I am sensitive to aroma & sometimes nasty smells trigger migraines. The smell of the BP is irritating to me...so, there is the outside chance that it could trigger a headache in that manner. However, as far as it leaching into your brain...DON'T THINK SO!
  5. ALSO....Do not confuse Dan's regemin with the Acne Cure that lots of folks discuss here.
  6. The spots and red scars are called hyperpigmentation. Mino can cause them. They will go away eventually, so do not worry. I have been on mino for quite some time now & i really like it. It is better than tetra! Never tried doxy, but I have heard that mino is stronger.
  7. I'm on mino, too. I've never had an issue like the one you are describing. you need to contact the dr. It could be the mino & then again, it could be something else. Either way, you need to take care of it.
  8. Listen to shatangi! Do not torture your face. Pop only the most hideous whiteheads if youmust. I love the gentle to the skin aspect of Dan's Regimen. I use Cetaphil Liquid (OK...It's the Wal-Mart brand called Equate) and the 2.5% BP (Neutragena on the spot). I moisturize with the Cetaphil moisturizer as well. I have been dealing with acne since I was 12!!!! Trust me, this is the cheapest and most effective method I have tried since the derm prescribed a veritable arsenal of products when
  9. Hey, wht can I say? I pop even if there is no sign of a white head! Call me a rebel...but I'd rather nip it in the bud! I don't scar (thank God!)...So, I have always been a popper! My problem is not whiteheads now, though...It's the darned blackheads or clogged pores. I pop & they fill right back up in a day or two. WTF? Glycolic acid makes me break out in massive whiteheads, so that's out as an option. How do I deal with this?
  10. In the information section of this board, Dan plainly states that temporary setbacks are completely normal. Just keep doing what you are doin & it will clear completely.
  11. Hey, I just disovered a fantastic product that will help you stay oil free all day long! Honest to God - It really works! I have such oily skin that after applying make-up, I am super oily like an hour later. Anyway, the great product is called Oil Matifier by Mary Kay. It costs like $7. You put it on under make-up in the morning. I stay oil free for the day. However, the tube says it can also be applied over your make-up for a quick freshen up. It's like having a oil blotter on your fa
  12. I take it whenevwer I feel like it. It never bothers my stomach. I know the bottle says 1 before or two after a meal, but I ignore it.
  13. Not a bad sign at all. BP creates an oxygen rich environment on the skin, which bacteria absolutely hate. Think of the laundry spot removers that use oxygen...Oxy clean & Clorox should ring a bell. Not to worry...Just buy lots of white shirts like the rest of us!
  14. http://www.palmbeachmedicalcenter.com/jpgs...s/blackhead.jpg http://www.medicalwellnesscenter.com/AcneGradeI.jpg http://www.niams.nih.gov/hi/topics/acne/gr...lesionsopen.jpg
  15. Don't worry about it until it stings or hurts or itches really super bad. Until then, go with the flow. Your face will look better in about a week & a half.