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  1. I've been wondering for a while about this. I was telling my mum (who is clinically obese) that she should be much more healthy but she then said to me: "What has it actually done for you Stacey? Your spots are worse than usual, you have a constant cold and the food you eat is much more expensive than anything else. How has it helped you?" How can you answer that?
  2. Talking of british teenage girls............. Has anyone noticed the new anti-chav trend? They say they hate chavs yet they look like every other girl that hates chavs. It's rather peculiar. At the moment originality isnt in so I'm slightly uncool. Also I don't smoke or do drugs which makes me incredibly uncool. But what do guys look for in a girl? From the general consensus I get the idea that boys like nice eyes and someone who won't be much of a fuss socially. Being a revolutionary has it
  3. Its basically rose water, buy in most big supermarkets for about 2 quid, I use rose water only but some people use it as a toner. (So you would use it as a toner) Can make your own o course. (all natural) I actually do rose water before vit e sometimes and it means I don't get the blackheads. It might not work for your redmarks o course but i can't see it harming them either. Kinda depressing though because instead of 2 cheeks of red I have 10 little red marks on each cheek which are now sk
  4. I put vit e oil on my face, overall redness improved dramatically overnight BUT! I got about 10 blackheads on that one cheek. That was the first ever product to do that. It's fantastic for redness but spots are the downside. I am personally a fan of essence of rose water because it is just great. Improved my redness (BIG TIME), making my blackheads go and basically healing up my face.
  5. I find these a bit too sweet, and pretty expensive, raw fruit is much cheaper and easier to take in large quantities. £1.89 for a little bottle is uber expensive.
  6. I have to eat healthily at lunchtime because I eat with younger years and they look up to me so I have to eat in the school canteen *dear lord*. I basically eat salad with something that is considered bad but is better than other choices (ie tuna pasta, pasta cooked then rolled around in olive oil, quiche etc., rather than chips, turkey twizzlers etc.) I then will have a couple of pieces of fruit to finish with a handful of sunflower seeds (all brought from canteen 'cept seeds which one of the
  7. explain the formula to solve quadratic equations, i cant quite get my head around it.
  8. I would like to know. I have used this and it didn't work for me (it made mine worse). Saying it is a cure is slightly annoying and I think it would help those with moderate to severe acne (like me) to know if this will be effective. I'm only trying to help. Another question, what is it's effect on blackheads?
  9. What have you tried acnegone??? What type of acne do you have? How did you come across this product? Do you think it will be effective for everyone? Do you personally think there is a cure for acne at this moment in time? Please answer.
  10. What about if it's green bedrock? (I was chewing on grass )
  11. Thanks! But I wouldn't go buy it just yet, I think someone broke out from it three days after use (and people were brekaing out from taking it orally). I've only used it twice, (today and monday) and I have seen results (minor but results nonetheless). I will continue day and night until sunday though if anyone is interested.
  12. If this is spam, you could have at least built up a post count so it would be believable. If this isn't spam, you should at least show some pics etc. People are quite cynical around here. (Personally clean and clear is crap but whatever floats your boat.)
  13. They are liquid capsules and yeah you swallow them. It's nice though and made that cheek alllllll smooth. Vitamin e cream probably is good but I'm a cheapskate and vitamins are cheaper.
  14. When I'm at school my acne and redmarks are much better, and I tend to sleep properly then. I do agree, but I try to be in bed for 9.30.