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  1. someone must have some advice, come on pls help!! cheers.
  2. thanks for replies people. I have never tried BP, I have not had an acne problem really before. These pimples were around the mouth area only really, concentrated across the upper lip edge of nose area. Only once I went on tetracycline did everything get much worse. Will BP be too strong around mouth area, especially across the upper lip - moustache region. Also i dont want heavy red marks left behind as they are already there but slowly fade, will BP make the red marks worse? Ca
  3. updates anyone? I have only been using it for 3 days now I think, not much difference really hows everyone finding it?
  4. hi all, i am only 23 and have started getting fine lines /wrinkes under my eyes. What is the difference between wrinkle and fine line? What SPECIFIC products would you guys recommend? I should not be getting these lines at my age. Will these lines stay or can creams etc completely remove them? This in addition to my other skin problems is really getting me down. I have not been applying sensitive products near my eyes. Please help. Many thanks.
  5. Hi all, Gloput you are using the same as the UK available product. Gloput can you update us on your progress? Christina - I have just purchased the moistureiser version as I cant find the acne one which is found in the US. Hopefully it will be just as effective. Let us know how you get on and I will do likewise. Cheers.
  6. thanks for your support. Can anyone out there please help...
  7. hi gloput, you are using a different product to what dan has mentioned. Are you using Neutrogena Clear Pore Vitamin Moistureizer? Dan is talking about Neutrogena Multi-Vitamin Acne Treatment. Can you please confirm the exact name of the product you are using. Thanks
  8. Hi all, Can someone please tell me where this can be purchased in the UK? Thanks very much.
  9. Hi all, where can i get this product in England, I cannot find it anywhere. Many thanks.
  10. Hi there, I am new to the board, I need some real help. For the last year I have been getting spots/pimples around my mouth particularly above the upper lip/moustache area. They are leaving real bad red mark type scarring behind and I have tried a variety of medication to stop the problem. I have had samples taken to determine what the boils/spots are but nothing has shown up in the results apart from normal skin bacteria. I tried tetracycline which did stop all the pimples from a