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  1. Hey all, just stopped by to say hi....my last post was quite some time ago...I am still on a maintenance dose of accutane, 10mg per day...and a day or two off every two weeks. My life and my mental state (I am one of those who reacts poorly to the odd zit) are much better....I could not have stood letting my skin get worse and worse without being proactive (not the brand name...) If anyone else of our vintage is still around, please post. I would love to hear how everyone is.... To those of
  2. Everyone is different. Here is what is working for me, and by the way, my signature regimen is still valid. I have a combination of seb derm/acne/rosacea, and I am being controlled long term; am now on maintenance. So... Washing with MD Forte Replenishing Cleanser in the a.m toner = Replenishing Toner by Intaglio - moisturizing sunscreen lotion = Moisturizing Sunscreen for combination skin, spf 15 THe website is http://www.intaglioskin.com AT NIGHT = Aknemycin. By the way, this topic
  3. Hello everyone, I have been wanting to post again here but the thread always goes back to Cat's first post. For those who are interested, I am on a maintenance dose, feel great, and the nightmare of itching, painful skin is in remission! I wonder how everyone is....and will be glad to help newcomers.
  4. Hey, I am back here after vacation and it's like WOW...where is everyone??? I miss Catmin, gamarwil, pimp, ct mommy...but am carrying on here...because this is like the best thread going...how supported we all became! I am bumping this up because I hope to hear from us all...the group that started accutane last year. (The worst skin year of my life) In case anyone wishes to know, I am on maintenance dose, still with no side effects, and hope that all is well with everyone else. This medic
  5. It is a very wise idea to start slow, to avoid the initial breakout. Please know that it will take several months, that reports of the side effects of depression, etc. are vastly overblown (and politically motivated). Be sure to get your blood work done. Oh, by the way, NOT all derms know what they are doing. Make sure yours if Board Certified. I know what I am talking about from being in the profession. Yours does sound wise to accutane, per his or her savvy dosing. Stay the course. I
  6. Hang in there, kathi! It IS a shock to have had this happen out of nowhere. And deep inside we always ask - WHY? THere must be a reason...and of course our derms haven't found it in 90% of the cases....blood tests ok, etc. Anyhow...stay the course. You'll be glad you did. Betts
  7. And now I wonder about the 10mg per day, on a maintenance...I was trying to get in touch with dermpro, am thinking of 10mg 4X a week for me. Hey, where is everyone?? In a way this is good, after our treatment we are going on with our lives.... Another question: how about metrogel/cream to keep the small p&p's away? Or Retin-A micro???
  8. Michael, that's interesting. I have been wondering about that - it seems like 40mg for a maintenance dose is real high. I'm still on my 10mg daily, and wondering if I should cut that down on the 1 year mark...and yet your derm says that 40mg is maintenance hmmm....how about long term effects like skeletal changes?
  9. Doesn't look like Dan to me.... :adam: I wonder what made them put :chuck: here...doesn't look like a longterm acne sufferer! OK, Cat and everyone...what about Renova or Avage on my tiny dose?? Oh, and I get a tiny skirmish every once in awhile..dries up soon. Benzoyl time, finally?? Yeah, I miss Adrienne, Nymue, and the gal from Louisiana even...just think, we have all been on ths journey for about a year now :doubt:
  10. Hey Cat!!! And everyone else..oh where are you? I am ready to order the Aromaleigh - but can't figure out which foundation. I use Clinique Matt Honey in their powder, but can't relate that... Any ideas?? Can you tell me more about this product? I am looking forward to trying it. I get ready to do my maintenance dose soon!! Um...where is everyone?? Hugs Betts
  11. Michael, I can so relate to what you said. It is very sad to see loved ones inch away as they age. Also, maybe there is a letdown; hey, we were all so upset over what was happening last year with ourselves physically, and when we look back, it was a sad time as well - changed our lives until our derms finally went with accutane. Cat - I feel the same way around friends, so called. I'm thinking of one or two that asked me if I had the measles....
  12. Hello dahlings. Cat, have you read this article? click on http://www.dermatologytimes.com/dermatolog...il.jsp?id=65528 Re small doses. Oh, yes we did travel a bit...just to PR - but love it there! All I can afford at present. Don't know when I will be in FL next - it really WOULD be good to have a reunion.... I'm still doing the 10mg per day, still no side effects.... More later, glad this thread is still going on! Betts
  13. Oh....I was watching infomercials this weekend I'm embarrassed to say, and saw a quick one for the songs of the 80s, of which Love Your Way was one. I was curious to see the whole video, went to the website, and emailed some questions and found out that they are still in South FL, very active still, and just happened to have a concert going Sunday night. Now I want to get the CD. I'd always wondered who sang Love Your Way....the guy Rosenberg is still around but the blonde lead singer - can'
  14. I guess I am the lazy woman's reply today!!!