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  1. ignite

    Me at work

    woaw.. your skin is fantastic looking well done, keep up the good work! x
  2. woaw!!!!!! you are looking amazing...your skin is looking so much better its unreal, im so happy for you claud, you are an inspiration! xox *hugs*
  3. ignite

    How my acne has progressed

    woaw......... your skin is amazing!!!!!! what a great improvement looking good hehe xx
  4. hey, i had an initial breakout for about the first 10 days but nothing major , then the accutane started kicking in.. after about 8 weeks or so my skin was EXTREMELY dry.. and im not exaggeating it was cracking and flaking all the time no matter how much i moisturised...and lips were like sand paper... sooooooooooooooooo dry they bled at times.. but then after about 11 weeks that all stopped and my skin was back to normal as were my lips and theyve stayed like that ever since.. and iv been off t
  5. hey, i have the EXACT same problem as u , but noticed the red marks faded slightly whilst on the accutane...but lots since coming off however they are still there and theres lots of them on the cheek area, so at the minute iv been noticeable but slow improvement with Garnier Pure A moisturiser and Garnier Pure A Intensive Night Gel ill see what theyre like in 6 months before i consider a peel but these are both good products as they arent harsh to the skin and they do actually work, just need
  6. Well after being off the accutane my doctor told me that i was best to leave the red marks which were left *and there are a lot i can tell u* alone and time will do its job...and i asked about using this moisturiser whihc is meant to help and he said i can only but try... personally this has helped my red marks fade when i look back over a month ago and more and realise what they were like... but it is slow but at least its not damaging to your skin plus the moisturiser itself leaves your skin f
  7. u can try garnier...pure a moisturiser for now..thats what im doing now until im 6 months off the accutane as my face is smooth just red marks!! good luck x
  8. Firstly, your skin is really not as bad as you think, i know you will hear that a lot on acne.org but its really not. i think u should treat the active acne and get it banished first before u assess your red mark/scar situation You have very little active acne left so it wont be hard to get rid of it, but consult your derm about it, and then see what he/she has to say as im sure they can give u something for your redness Accutane may be the answer.. but your acne doesnt look bad enough for it g
  9. i dont want to burst the bubble of the effectiveness of differin but personally for me it was awful and made my skin inflammed itchy and redder than normal so i stopped using it but i guess everyone is different, and u wont know unless u try! xx
  10. as for the post about sugars in fruit.... the intrinsic sugars in fruit shouldnt do your body any harm, thus not flaring up your acne.. though if u eat tons it can have an allergic reaction , my granny used to get this eating too many bananas..but anyways... id avoid toooooo much extrinsic sugar from sweets biscuits etc, because in the end the skin will heal better if u eat more healthy food , so although some junk food is fine , just dont overdo it on the sugar as u wana give ur skin the best c
  11. in fairness... make up doesnt make red marks worse.. and if u hunt around u can find plenty of skin friendly make up , as i know personally , due to sufffering from A LOT of red marks, i couldnt leave the house without make up , though i hope to be able to some day. but yeah hang in there, im waiting for my red marks to heal, and at the minute im using garnier, pure A moisturiser which is supposed to help against imperfections and red marks, and to fade those which are already there. it contains
  12. hey! my derm told me to wait at least 6 months before anything like that! good luck! xox
  13. i have quite a lot of red marks on my cheek so i use maybelline everstay foundation...stays fresh for around 8-9hrs and then just a wee bit of powder over the top and thats fine.. b ut then im not going for complete coverrage... this just helps to make them less visible..but it doesnt feel cakey or heavy and is oil free and doesnt clog pores! its great! if u wanted complete coverage use a little concealer over it and u would be grand! hope that works! and also a little of that foundation goes a
  14. ignite


    im pleased that you are going on the accutane, as i have felt its results and know that it will work ... well ok i dont know for 100%certain but im nearly certain it will work wonders for u , and i hope and pray that it does as u have been through so much! when do u start it? how much will u be on per day at the start? wb xxx
  15. can u get this cream over here in the UK? iv been struggling with red marks for a long time now... especially on my cheeks grrrr and really cannot go out without make up, and eventually i wana be able to get over that and step outside make up free but i need to get rid of the marks! grrrrr ...there are hardly any creams over here at all to help! at the minute im using Garnier Pure A moisturiser which is meant to help with red marks and imperfections .. and iv bene on it for about 2 months now an
  16. woaw... id been following ur posts and stuff there.. and woaw.. accutane has worked wonders! youre looking amazing with minimal red marks/scarring on your face given how bad your acne once was! im so happy for you! its people like you that give other people courage to not let acne beat them! xx all the best
  17. i used it and it did nothing for me only to increase redness... so if i were you id stop.. sorry if thats what uve already done and im a bit late to read the post!! x
  18. hi! firstly, even if your skin isnt perfectly clear by the end of the week you honestly have nothing to worry about in relation to meeting this mystery lady because you look great! as for your acne.... i would say it is mild and is actually quite hard to notice.. it just seems to be a bit of redness as you dont have a lot of actual cists/spots... anyways i found that witch hazel was very good for mild acne like yours as it helped dry out the affected areas.. but thats all i can think of for now.
  19. ignite

    My acne

    hey , even with the acne i do genuinely think ur a great looking guy .. so keep ur head up and u can beat acne.. grrrrrrr its soo annoying.. how is it coming along? any improvements? wb x
  20. well in relation to going off the tane and being left with marks, my dermatologist told me that most fading creams dont speed things up that much for the majority of people and he told me that once i come off the accutane my marks will slowly begin to fade so i should just wait and see before i start putting lots of creams and stuff on are u on accutane? xx
  21. ignite


    im going through the same thing, no acne now but so many red marks on my cheek its awful i really wana get rid of this.. im off to the derm tomorrow so lets hope he has words of wisdom to shed on this subject... if he gives me any good advice ill post it up xx
  22. heya! hows the marks going? any improvement? im finding them sooooo hard to get rid of all the best ps nice back hehe x
  23. hey! all the best for the tane! im on it... have 2 weeks lefton it woohoo! it works sooooooooooo well seriously , just get past the inital breakout and u will be grand! keep us updated on how its going.. any side effects or anything.... good luck xxx
  24. hey claud iv beenreading ur log for a good while now and just to say youre looking great, seriously, ur a very pretty girl , just keep your head held high and keep going on! i sympathise with you when u think people stare at you etc i hate it , when im out in public i hold my head down and try not to let people see me, and i just always think people are looking at me thinking im awful because i have acne.... how superficial and stuck up people can be at times....but i think having acne makes us
  25. ignite

    red marks

    sorry that was meant to say keep ur head held high! woops!