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  1. In the month or so after I took the EC pill, I did break out a little more, but it was nothing terribly awful, and by the next month, my skin seemed as if it were back to normal (mild acne).
  2. I agree with the above poster- A while back I tried the biore strips and found them to be highly irritating and not terribly effective for more than a couple of hours after using them- That is, they seem to help the pore situation for just a short while, but after that you are left with irritated skin and pores looking exactly the same as prior to the stip's use- So yeah, I'd say that you'd be best off taking a pass on the pore strips in all cases of skin care/maintenance-
  3. personally, i would stay away from the st. ives scrub- EVERY time i've ever used it in the past, it has ended up irritating the hell out of my skin, consequently causing breakouts- basically, i just find it extremely harsh- however, if you are interested in exfoliating, try a using a soft, clean washcloth when cleansing- i find it (without irritation) takes care of flakes and/or redmarks wonderfully (given enough time- well, flakes are taken care of immediately, but, of course, the red marks wil
  4. i believe that baking soda, ph-wise, is a relatively strong base, and thus can be just as irritating as an analogous acid- if you are interested in exfoliation, i've found that using a clean, gentle washcloth when cleansing at night (or in the morning, which ever you prefer) works better (and is less irritating) than "exfoliating scrubs" and the like- hope that helps-
  5. hi there- i'm vegan, but not for health reasons (i just tend to feel a tremendous amount of guilt when consuming/using animal products- i'm sure if i grew up on a farm that this wouldn't be an issue for me, but whatever- that was just a succinct and incomplete explanation of my lifestyle choice, mostly to provide somewhat of a context...anyway)- honestly, despite my efforts to eat as healthy as possible within the parameters of a vegan diet, i do struggle with "failure to thrive" issues- i ea
  6. hi there- i was on differin a few years ago and, in addition to the differin, my derm prescribed a benzoyl peroxide cream- however, he instructed me to use only the differin at night, and apply the bp in the morning (he seemed to stress that they not be used in immediate combination)- now, i don't if they negate each other's effectiveness if applied together, but it seems to me, from my own experience, that such a practice would create way too much irritation for the skin- hope that helps, and
  7. OP- the eucerin/basis/nivea group of products (parent company: biersdorf), does not test on animals, and most of these products are readily available at your local target or drugstore or whatever- also, they are affordable (always a plus)- oh, and about the cat food- check out wysong products (they tend to be difficult to find in stores, but i know that you can also order online (just google wysong)- fyi)
  8. hi there- a few years ago, i went to china for about six weeks over the summer- and yes, the pollution is overwhelming (my stay was, for the majority, in shanghai, but i also was in beijing for about 1.5 weeks)- my trip was just after i cleared-up using differin (i.e. was no longer using any topicals, etc.), and luckily, i didn't have any problems as far as the skin was concerned (developing severe bronchitis for the whole trip, on the other hand, totally sucked)- it's hot and humid, so you're
  9. hi there- triclosan is an antibacterial (like what they put in dial hand soap)- i find it to be excessively drying and irritating- i have tried the clean&clear face wash with it and it felt like my face was burning off-
  10. hi there- i recently (about a month ago) began spot treating with a 10% bp (i have been on the regimen for about a year with good results, but still the occasional spot from time to time), and i find it to be immensely helpful in clearing the little bastards up- hope that helps
  11. hi there- i tend to have similar problems (with a ton of dead skin) if i do not exfoliate- i don't like scrubs, etc because i find them harsh and, quite honestly, not even all that effective- so, here's what i do: i use a clean washcloth at night, moistened and with my cleanser (clean & clean foaming facial cleanser for sensitive skin), and then gently wash/exfoliate in a sorta circular motion- seems to do the trick- oh, and i also use an aha moiturizer (but that alone is not effective enou
  12. nivea alcohol-free moisturizing toner is nice- you can check out reviews and other info at drugstore.com
  13. i have always found triclosan to be intensely irritating to my skin, both "facial" and "body"- i remember once using clean & clear facial cleanser (which contained the antibacterial) and i felt like it was burning my face off- i have also used the basis "all clear" bar (which also contains triclosan) and although not as irritating, still enough to a degree where i decided not to use it- in each case, i tried to use the product as a body wash for the chest and back acne i have (and so i didn'
  14. i tend to have the same problem with excessive drying around the eyes and on my neck- however, i have found that if i apply moisturizer to these two areas after washing and prior to bp application, the problem is greatly reduced-
  15. hi there- i was on differin about (hmm, let me think) 5 years ago- after clearing up and being given the ok by my dermatologist to quit the differin, i remained clear for about 2-3 years without doing anything other than gentle washing and moisturizing- i did start breaking out again a couple of years ago, but i don't know if that is necessarily going to happen to everyone- it could have been for any number of reasons- so, just follow your dermatologist's advice and take care of your skin as bes