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  1. If you are going to the doctor then she will probably know what it is. If it is a mole and you want it removed because it scares you then go for it. I have had 2 removed because they scared me. One was nothing but the other the doctor said it wasn't cancer but it was the type of mole that cancer comes from. Anyway...if she offers to remove it and that is what you want go for it I don't see anything wrong with that.
  2. Maybe it just turned darker and is turning into a scab? It could appear smooth and discoloured and then eventually scab and fall off. I've never used that cream before so I can't really say...its just something to consider.
  3. For health reasons I was put on a no dairy, no soy, no wheat, no yeast diet. There are some breads that you can have, though I don't think you could necessarily make them at home. There is rice bread and potato bread (not my favourites) that are available in Health Food stores in the freezer. There is also frozen sesame seed bread that I eat as well. The only fresh bread I have been able to find without white flour or yeast was in Quebec. The doctor who put me on the diet said that spelt flour o
  4. Man oh man do I know exactly how you feel. I think I've written the same thing as you in my log a few times! I"m doing better now (after just having a really rough time...and spending that time with my boyfriend). The advice I would give you: obviously you've already talked to your boyfriend about this because you said he doesn't care about what your skin looks like ...I suggest you talk to him more and explain how you are feeling so that he understands exactly why you are upset. Then, if you ca
  5. I too thought this summer would be awesome...finally having time away from school to do whatever I wanted, being outside etc. But no, it wasn't like this. I had repeated skin problems..just as one woudl clear up I get another one! So I pretty much holed up in my room for the most part (except when I was at work). Visits with my boyfriend were fun but not as much fun as they coudl've been because I was always so worried about my skin. Now its the end of the summer and my skin is getting a bit bet
  6. I also feel sad/guilty...but at the same time I am usually proud of that person...especially if they are not wearing make up and look like they are happy/having a good time. It motivates me to not be as sucky about mine because look at this person who has it worse and they are happy and out doing things...its kind of inspiring for me.
  7. My mom is also supportive and my boyfriend as well..but no one really understands it. They just say I shoudln't be upset about it or whatever...but its still support that they are there for me to talk to. And this site definately helps very much.
  8. I cannot even begin to tell you how many things I"ve missed out on because I was feeling bad about my face. Or things that I went to but was miserable the whole time because I was thinking about my face. I have a boyfriend (of almost 3 years) and he says the exact same thing--I think it is because our acne is all that we see...but think about it if he had some acne would you really care? So try and realize that is how he is feeling about you (I know its hard I still haven't gotten it). Lately at
  9. I am exactly the same. My boyfriend has a hard time with this because seemingly for "no reason" I will become quiet or angry. I try not to be and sometimes at work I can forget about it and I get along just fine. but its when I go home or am able to look in mirrors with good lighting that I get really upset and it just dampens my mood about everything
  10. I can't have dairy due to food allergies but they do make goat's milk cheese. A lot of feta cheese is goat's milk but they actually have marble and mozz. cheese that is made from goat's milk..depending on how you feel about goats milk! I think it's called Morningside cheese or something like that. I get mine at Loblaws. Hope this helps, you might not have to give up cheese!
  11. Maybe if there is a bathroom there you can wear makeup to get there and then once you get to the office go and wash it off before you appointment. Other people in the office are there for skin problems as well so maybe you woudln't feel as bad waiting there without makeup on. But I think its important that the derm see you without makeup...even if he does look disgusted...its his job to see your skin how it is and assess it. Anyway then after you have your appointment you can go in the bathroom
  12. That is very true that people shoudln't be insensitive like that..I suppose they are just ignorant to how it feels to have acne. Even though she probably thought she was trying to be helpful she really should've minded her own business...but again I guess she was just trying to push her products. It's really sad that people do that and I'm sorry it happened to you. But if you were starting to feel better about yourself don't let this ruin it! I mean sometimes I think part of my face looks good f
  13. I'm sure that your face is good...the lady was probably just going up to everyone in a certain age group knowing that even if they have one or two zits they will be bothered by it because of the way society is today. So I would try and not let that ruin things for you (I know its hard) but you have to think she was marketing, trying to make a sale, she probably would've said that to anybody.
  14. Well it's Friday...my last day at work for the week, but I"m going away for the weekend. So not only do I have to find the courage to get through the whole day of work, I also have to go immediately after work and drive 4 hours to see my boyfriend. Then I'm going to a cottage with his family and two of our friends. I just hate being uncertain..I think my face is looking better but then you never know because sometimes you think that and the next time you look its way worse! And I already look a
  15. wow thank you everyone. I am proud that I stayed...I almost cried and it was tough but then I got better. I also talked ot my boyfriend about it and he is extremely supportive and always has been. He just says it'll go away and everything will be fine and he loves me no matter what. I just really wanted to be able to not stress out about my face when i was away...but I picked and its my own fault! Anyway i"m goign to try to be really good to it. Thanks for all the support !!