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  1. wow foolio, what a horrible story!?!? haha reading that has scared the crap out of me! seriously, it has but thanks for sharing it with us. I WANT to hear more stories like that and others that shed light to all of our experiences with this thing. well, just to update, my cyst has been extremely calm as of late. for the last few week i haven't even really felt it at all and i only get a rare itch once an a while but i have managed to shake it off. when i get out of the shower i immediatel
  2. Taking a laxative is treating the symptom not the underlying cause. You need to take a scientist's approach to finding what is causing your health problem. Best of luck!
  3. i took b5 everyday for almost 3 years. it worked great! reduced oil, slowed down my acne. but once i stopped my face looked horrible again. it doesnt look anywhere near as good today as it did last year when i was using it. why did i stop? i was getting TOO dry. No oil felt like it was aging my skin. In my opinion, we NEED oil to keep our skin young looking. Also my eyes got really dry since i wear contacts as well. The b5 reduced my sedum production and it seems my tear production was reduc
  4. thanks for the tip lara! im just really iffy about that pus touching me else where you know. wont it spread easier if im in a tub with the water to my waist? the water might infect me in other areas since im laying in it. again thanks for the tip, i might actually give it a try. as for an update since im here, well....nothing has happened really. last week i felt like something would finally happen and i'd getting this thing off me after all these years of itching and annoyance. but after th
  5. wow lara thats a scary story!...but its one i needed to hear for sure. i know i cant leave this on me for much longer. now that i found out what it is this week, its time to get something done about it. but insurance has surprisingly gotten in my way If i knew what this thing on my butt was last year i coulda had surgery then but i REALLY thought this would heal on its own, it was just taking a LONG time. For the past few weeks ive been really good at not picking at it and actually, it has
  6. bad news..... my mom freaked that i set up another appointment for tomorrow. she said i shouldnt go cause i really dont have any insurance anymore since i turned 23 and my ties with my parents expired. if i go they are just gonna charge me a ridicules amount of money so....its best that i wait it out until things get straightened out. i see why i shouldnt have set up another appointment, damn shes right. she said since ive had it for this long and since i didnt even know it was there (even t
  7. LOL what a MESS!! haha I showed up to the appointment at 1:30 and i was ready to have my butt examined.... Well, turns out since i turned 23 last month, my insurance with my parents expired 5 days ago. i was left without insurance and i need a new coverage asap, and until then i couldnt go to my appointment. But they told me that i should head over to the business building and try to get some type of insurance so i can have my appointment today. After an hour of waiting and finally talking to
  8. oh its definitely a pilonidal cyst. just saw some pics and its just like mine. well i havent made an appointment YET, i have to call in the morning. i was going to today but i REALLY thought there has to be another way to do this. like a cream or something. my family will freak if they find out i need surgery for something they had NO idea i had for 3 years. i really cant believe this. but thanks to everybody who helped me out here. ive been to other sites on the net asking questions and on
  9. so this thing wont go away on its own im guessing. i should have known after year 2 . the question is WHY did i get this thing. i was afraid to have my first... uh sexual experience cause of this thing because i thought it was some std lol. cause all the blood and pus that came out everyday. good thing on that day, it was ok, nothing bad happened. thank god. it itches a lot from time to time and sometimes i go a whole day without any problems. most days it is a huge pain though. only this
  10. Id love to stay and talk to you some more under your thread but I have to go to bed early tonight. I have a physical I have to attend at work and I have to be there by 8am.

  11. whoah sounds like a bigegr deal than i thought. i was hoping i'll just show up and he'll drain it and i'll go back home and sleep it off. damn. ive never been in a hospital.... pylonidalcystectomy? lol seriously?
  12. and no sign of it returning? if its gonna hurt i should probably wait until after finals....but it hurts sooo bad. was the surgery done on the spot in the doctors office when they saw it or was it a huge deal where they had to knock you out.