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  1. Well, I have some pictures. Had to figure out how to do it, and this is probably not the best way, but whatever. The first three were taken a week ago, and the last three are from today. I have been unable to locate a before picture, because I have been avoiding the camera for the last 10 months, which is when it was the worst. To describe it, I usually had about 20-30 mini-cyst like pimples on my neck and face (mostly jawline) at any given time. I usually also had several on my chest and back.
  2. Well, I finally have some pictures that I took with my digital camera, but I have no clue how to post them here. Any suggestions? Thanks, Ann
  3. Guys...hang in there. I'e been on the regimen for 36 days, and have had remarkable results. But it was not without alot of hard work AND I went through a tough couple of first weeks where I thought my neck was feeling so bad it would fall off. It was itchier than I thought possible. I wanted to scratch the hell out of it. I'm not kidding, I felt like a freaking reptile. My face peeled also. If this happens, moisturize like nobody's business, and maybe ramp down on the BP for a coupla days until
  4. I found it at Rite-Aid. I love it...really protects my face, and I'm in the sun a great deal. I've noticed a big difference since I switched over. Ann
  5. Hi everybody: Someone asked where I'm from...originally Southern California. Day 32: I'm back on track after the little break out. Had a couple new ones on my chest and back, but they're starting to go away. Have to remember to keep my hands off my skin! Happy 4th! Ann
  6. Hey there folks, I don't believe it has already been almost a month! So I think I finally got the B5 breakout that I hear about. No biggy, just got one or two small pimples and one rather large one on my neck. I was kinda expecting it and am not discouraged in the least. I will tell you that I am getting really surprised at how smooth my skin is starting to feel. I have made one change: I switched over to the Eucerin alpha-hydroxy lotion. Other than that, I am still washing with the Purpose soa
  7. Hey everyone! Day 26 (has it really been that long???) and day 16 on B5: My skin is still doing great. I think due to the B5, I am getting maybe on pimple here or there, and the bumps that I had are disappearing from underneath my skin. I'm not having anymore problems with drying, so I think I can actually ramp up the BP a little more. My back looks fabulous!!! The pimples that do come up go a way quickly, so I am expecting nothing but improvement still. I am about 98% clear. I have to rem
  8. Has it really already been 18 days? Man oh man. OK. My neck is nearly completely 100% clear. There are only 2 little bumps that are not red and do not bother me. I am not dry from the BP anymore either. I have not worn makeup all week. Sometimes I see my reflection during the day and I can't believe that it's me...totally clear. This can't be real. I am still on B5, nearly 10,000 mg a day. I had a little diarrhea the first 2 days but that went away and now I have no side-effects. I am on d
  9. Hey there, Day 16: The drying on my neck is under control, and I am still slowly ramping up the BP. I am still thrilled with my skin! To answer someone's question, yes, I am getting bumps that are coming up to the surface, but they are bumps that I had before the regimen, and they are coming up and going away. I am not, repeat NOT getting new bumps. A side note: I have been in clinics and working on horses in the sun for the last 3 days. I was afraid that I would burn easily, but I have
  10. Hi guys, Great day! I went to work with NO MAKEUP ON!!!! It was fabulous to be able to do that! My skin is getting so smooth! I'm really tired from work but very happy! Ann
  11. Hey there, Day 13: Everything is clearing up, and nothing new. My neck is showing signs of starting to dry again, but hopefully not too bad. This is also day 3 of B5, and they say there may be a breakout, so I'm bracing for that....hope it won't come! Ann
  12. Hey everyone, I was out of town and so I missed updating yesterday and this morning, so I'll try to get caught up! My mom came in to town, and she said that she definately could see a big difference in my face. Then I showed her my chest and back, and she was shocked. She knows full-well the struggles that I have had with my back especially. The BP has my neck back under control, and I am getting the nearest to clear that I've been so far! Right now, it is 2 am, so I'll post more tomorr
  13. Alright guys: Wanted to give you all a detailed update about what's going on with my skin and the regimen. The BP seems to be forcing things to the surface. I am talking about bumps that have been underneath my skin for several months. This is especially happening on my neck. When I started breaking out on my neck last September, I noticed that not only were there big pimples, but there were bumps forming that never went anywhere. Now they are coming out, and the skin underneath where it p
  14. OK guys, Day 9: Yesterday and today are not as good as my days have been. My severely pissed off neck was falling off in sheets, but the worst of that is over, and today I went back on the BP on my neck in smaller amounts. For the most part, the skin on my neck is smoother than before, but I have a couple of new pimples on my neck and jawline. Nothing I can't cover up easily though. Overall: even with my neck a mess, I am still vastly improved over when I started. Yesterday and today wa
  15. OK, I need some advice. Yesterday afternoon my neck literally started to crack and fall off. I had to abort BP mission on my neck. 8-[ I have been treating intensely with moisturizer, but fear that I will lose the progress I've gained in that area. I think that this AM I will again skip the BP and only treat with moisturizer, but this PM I will put a little BP on, and amp up over the next few weeks again. Advice? Skin still looks good, just coming off in sheets. I am a forensic scient