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  1. Hi, i'm currently on Diane-35 since about 2 months. starting to notice a difference and having no side-effects. Just be sure to read up on the safety notices about Diane-35 since it apparently has a high risk for blood clots. Search Diane-35 on the net and you'll find this info. The safety notices don't bother me but just make sure you are aware of them. Good Luck!
  2. Hey guys! I've been on Tazarac since 7 months approx. I had severe cystic acne and it I have not had another cyst in close to 2 months now. I do get small little whiteheads like you have described but i find they dissapear after a day or two. Much much faster. I use .05% and will be moving to .1% because i'm not improving anymore. Maybe your dosage strength is too weak, you should talk to your doc about that. But overall, i like tazarac. Big improvement with it. /
  3. First of all, Barbie..glad to hear things are going welll! Your log is very helpful and has inspired me to start my own. lol I start Diane-35 this Sunday so heres hoping! / And Ali, glad to hear another person's experience with Diane-35. I too have polycystic ovaries but was told the best thing for me at this time is Diane-35 as Accutane will be my last resort. However, depending on your case of polycystic ovaries, some doctors will treat with birth control pills. My doctor actually does
  4. Hi! Diane-35 can take up to a year for healing acne so i wouldn't necessarily give up on it yet. My derm told me her patients have had the most success with Diane-35 vs. Ortho and Yasmin, etc.
  5. whoops sorry. i got confused with minocycline. ](*,) But tetracycline did make me nausated and eating a cookie or something small made me feel better immediately.
  6. Hey, anyone use green concealor? I've tried Maybelline's concealor and find it too green and that it is causing breakouts. ](*,)
  7. Hi, your supposed to take Tetracycline with food which if you haven't will cause your nausea. I've been on tetracycline and had the same problems until i discovered that if i ate something the minute i felt nausea, it would dissapear.
  8. I had the same problem. My pharmacist told me that it is okay but not recommended. however she told me to skip a dose before drinking so that the minocycline wasn't fresh in my system. I never had any problems with it. (and i was drinking hard liquor )
  9. I've just started on Tanzorac and benzamycin. Does tanzorac do any good? i have noticed that my whiteheads have shrunk a little.
  10. I've had the same problem with makeup. Try using makeup brushes instead of a sponge. Makes the makeup go on smoother and blends easier. Also doesn't cake as much because your not using tons of foundation/concealer that the sponge tends to leave behind. Also blotting sheets are my best friend and i carry a little container of moisturizer around with me so when i see things start to get flakey or cakey, mix a little moisturizer in and reblend some of the makeup. Sometimes it works great, othe
  11. I get mine waxed every few months just to get them shaped and maintain with plucking at home. Use an ice cube to numb the area a bit if the plucking bothers you.
  12. Hey x1x2x3, i've been using Maybelline Shine Control liquid foundation and i've found it just won't come off without soap. Not necessarily a good thing haha But watch out for the stuff. It caused whiteheads for me but i know of other people who have had no problems.
  13. Hi people, I've been using Maybelline Shine Control liquid foundation for a while and have discovered it gives me bad whiteheads and overall does not "control shine". So i bought L'Oreal Feel Naturale one step makeup with SPF15 in it. Says it's non acnegenic, oil free and non comedogenic. Anyone have experience with it? :-k
  14. You guys are tough i'll tell you. I just can't do it myself.
  15. Congrats gal! I'm so happy things are getting better for u. Narleta :D/