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  1. Eh, I usually just wait an hour or two after any meal. Thanks for the info. though!
  2. I just resisted the urge to eat the yolk part of my hard boiled egg. But that's only a small part of my diet. I'm asian, and most of the foods that I eat are either not listed on the nutrition data sheet or are prepared in a method where an unknown amount of oil is used (since my parents do the cooking). But I guess if I was truly passionate about this, I would prepare my own meals, following a diet with low omega6s religiously, but I can only see myself doing that when I move out, which
  3. ^Yeah, you should probably stop if you feel disorientated. I'm actually taking 6 grams/capsules a day (1800g EPA/DHA) and 2-3 teaspoons of liquid (2000-3000g EPA/DHA). This probably isn't safe in the long run, but I don't feel anything different. No disorientation or dizziness. My oil production seems to be the same, but seems less viscous (or maybe I just want to see it that way :\ ). Guess I'll cut down my consumption to just the liquid.
  4. Vitamin E is fine....its vitamin A in cod liver you have to watch out for Definitely vitamin A is toxic in high quantities. I don't know how taking 120-140% recommended value of vitamin E, without including what you get in the diet could affect people, which is why I put forth that warning. I'd say you could probably get 200% vitamin E in total per day by doing something like this. Are you sure its safe? Is it okay if I eat a lot of baby carrots, since they're high in Vitamin A?
  5. I found it at Wild Oats but the best price I've seen so far is online at www.thevitaminshoppe.com Yeah, the online price is pretty good. I wanted Carlson's and it's 20something on the site, but when I went to the store today, it was $36.99. I bought it anyway. Bleh.
  6. Anyone know any store in the US that sells Carlson's Fish Oil?
  7. I pour some it into the cap on the bottle 2 times and just put it in my water. I also add ice to the water to keep it cold. I actually got used to it and it's not even bad. Adds some zest to water.
  8. Same thing here man. But you know what, I have 5 more years (6 year pharmacy program) and I know its a waste, but I can wait it out. Perhaps this form of patience is foolish, but I don't really think I can be myself until I stop being self-conscious about my acne. Keep your head up.
  9. Just one more question. There are a variety of fish oils and I was wondering whether it would be better to get the ones with more EPA and DHA?
  10. Yeah, my face is incredibly oily too. I hope this works. I broke out horribly more than a year ago when I decided to cut off all medication and that decision ruined my life for the past year (my face was that horrible). Hopefully fish oil will control my oil production.
  11. I'm just wondering. For those of you who are taking fish oil and seeing results, how oily is your skin usually?
  12. There's nothing to lose. At least you're not spending money or something. How hard can it be to spend 5 to 10 minutes a day doing this? Thanks for posting
  13. Is it even feasible to balance the o6/o3 intake to a 1:1 ratio? I mean, o6 is in practically all foods and there doesn't even seem to be a way to balance it with o3 to a 1:1 without "overdosing" on the o3. What would be the highest dosage (in grams) that anyone here would take or have taken a day?
  14. ^I actually used 30% glycolic acid while on Tazorac. I was told not to, but did it anyway. I figured my skin could take it, and I guess it did. The peel seems to have faded the marks a little, but in the end, I guess it wasn't that successful. I just had a lot of skin peeling off. Skin was back to normal in a few days also.
  15. I've had mine for about a year now. You know, I actually want to have the red marks I've had years before because I didn't realize how much worse it could be. I broke out horribly last year. My entire face was full of cysts and papules and all that. Some built on another and it was just horrible. I don't know how I went through it. It all happened because I decided to cut off all medications. Now, my marks have improved since the summer, but they're still here and visible. I'm hoping they'