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  1. Im at 100mg a day. Day 48. sides. chapped lips. Dry skin, esp. on arms. I work in the sun all day, so it feels like its 20 degree's warmer due to the fact my face is on fire. I guess the only good thing is its summer, so the severe chapped lips dont hurt, and the dry skin doesnt either.
  2. Im also on day 23. This drug is amazing. I use to have SEVERE oil problem. Were talking using a oil absorbing sheet and drenching it every hour. Now i can go a whole day, and tryed to use one and hardly had any oil on the sheet. I only have mild acne, with occasinaol small cysts on forhead. I never got the dreaded breakout. im using 50mg a day. only sides are chapped lips. Summer time is the right time. I can;t imagine the pain and dryness i would have in winter.
  3. I have bumps but can only see them in sunlight at certain angle. Anyone seen Ray? the kind of bumps you can see on Jamie Fox , in certain lighting.,
  4. Does that mean that I cannot purchase it? You must go see a dermatologist and they must prescribe it. If you don't have medium to severe acne, be prepared since they will make you try other medications before they put you on accutane.
  5. Hello. Im on day 12 of accutane. Today im finally starting to see the oil production go WAY down. I usually use 8 oil absorbing pads a day. When i went to use one today, you could hardly see any oil on the sheet. I have very dry lips, however since its summer there not cracking yet. They are still encased. Is it normal to have strawberry nose while on accutane? I dont know if they are blackheads or what. It feels bumpy.
  6. Im on day 7 of 50mg accutane a day. I'm starting to see my lips drying out and my nose. However it seems that i have even more oil on my face? is this normal? i use oil Absorbing sheets and used one at 1:00pm. I got home at 5:00 and my face looked like i poured 10 bottles of baby oil on it. Yuck.. Is this normal?
  7. your forehead, nose, chin. form's a T
  8. I just started 50mg a day on friday. When does the excess oil go away? That's the major reason im on it. I have so much oil, plus i breakout in my t zone.
  9. sounds like bad advice. I think its hard to find a good derm thats an expert on acne. My current one is a MORON. I have been on Taz for about 3 months with great results. Now instead of the acne, now im obsessed with my HUGE oil problem.
  10. I think i may need to buy some of those Oil blotting sheets. My face looks like i wiped a whole jar of Vasoline on it by day's end.
  11. I was on dan's regimen from may14 till nov22. It totally cleared up all my whiteheads, and my skin except my forehead. Probably starting in Oct. i started to develop several large deep bumps on my forehead. What do you think the cause was? The reason i stopped dan's regimen was due to the bumps and went to a derm. I was deadset on accutane. But she talked me into trying out other stuff. Finally put me on taz 0.1 cream. been on that for 5 weeks. It's helped some. However i know once i
  12. Well. im on day 100 on Dan's regimen. I have seen some improvement. However now im getting cysts on my forehead. Still getting small pimples on cheeks and nose. Im guessing im not seeing major improvement is to due to Sweating and a small part due to the sun. I move furniture for a living. I'm always sweating. I just let it drip and air dry. I can't wipe my face 40+ times a day to dry it. That for sure would cause more acne. Im 27 and it pisses the shit out of me that i still have to de
  13. Well i really wasnt seeing any improvement. SO i decided to use massive amounts of dans BP Gel. Finally at day 84 im seeing improvement. Im using 1 bottle every 9 days. Is 3+ bottles a month too much?
  14. Well i went through 2 bottles in 20 days this month. My order wont come untill wed. Is it okay to use Dans bp during the day, and neurtogena at night? i just have enough of dans gel for a few more applications .
  15. Well i hate to say it. I don;t think Dan's regimen will work for me. I have 2 major things that i believe are causing me to fail. 1. Sweating 2. Sun Exposure Like i have mentioned before i move furniture for a living, and i sweat a ton, its really bad now since its the summer. Thus the eurecin daily lotion gets washed around my face by all the sweat, and Then i get Sun exposure. I tell ya it fuckin sucks. To think i wasted so much time on this regimen, and it doesnt work for me.