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  1. Hi, wedding girl, I dealt with those blasted bumps for years and years until I found out that they were caused by bacteria from our armpits! After showering, and again, a second time each day, the best thing to do (and don't stop your meds either) is to use an antibacterial solution, like a toner, with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide in it. This does not have to be rinsed off. I would actually rub the stuff with a cotton ball or pad all over the pimply area, and clear up into the armpits t
  2. Hi, minnymouse, Does your dad know that the number one fear in the world is not death, injury, or other really bad occurrences, but that it's PUBLIC SPEAKING? As a teacher, I do a lot of it, and mostly it does not bother me. But I'm not typical at all. My suggestion to you is to think of someone, a friend, who would be willing to do it in your place, or next to you, like a "duet reading." This should be someone who loves to act out, be on stage, be the class clown, etc. Those are the peop
  3. Hi, Snowbear, Sometimes SUPER OILY SKIN is caused by washing TOO much, using too much astringent (aka, toner, witch hazel, tonic, etc.) or even TOO much topical acne treatment. If you don't really have pimples, only blackheads and an oily nose, and you are using lots of anti-oily skin products, try backing off a little bit. And then use an OIL-FREE moisturizer on your whole face. The problem is sometimes, you take away the oil, all the moisture goes with it, and your face thinks it's in a des