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  1. sweet, hope fully i get my accutane quick too, if indeed I do get prescribed it. Hopefully me moving soon after the derm appointment wont affect things too much...
  2. How long was it from the day your Derm prescribed accutane until you got the prescription and took the first pill. For guys mostly because I think girls have to wait more due to iPledge. I am just anxious because mt derm appointment is 8 days away and I want to be on accutane ASAP. Also has anyone switched derms while on accutane, and if so did it cause major problems. Thanks
  3. Hmmm, well I don't really know what is gonna happen I guess I will just see how things go once I see the derm. Maybe I can just find a regular doctor who is registered with ipledge. Also have you guys gone to the beach whilst on accutane, because at the end of summer I am gonna take a 3 week vacation with some of my mates, and will most likely be going to the beach everyday, so if I slather on a lot of sunscreen i should be fine right (usually when i goto the beach I never wear sunscreen and whi
  4. Crap, well I guess I will try making an appointment back home. But I don't want to wait til July, I lucked out once it probably wont happen again. Well at least this gives me time to change my plan over to prescription. Seeing as how I am a male, ipledge wont affect me at all right?
  5. No, there are Kaiser's in my home state that I could go to. But over the summer I will need to see someone else if I do indeed get prescribed accutane. The thing is I don't know how that is possible seeing as the derm here was booked until July and I just got lucky due to someone cancelling. Since basically right after I see this derm I will be flying home the next day. So would the derm just listen to what I have to say and prescribe me accutane (I am not taking no for an answer) get my blood
  6. Well I just got back from my physical. The Doc said he would put me on minoncline? but forgot to give me the prescription. He did refer me to the Derm and i just got off the phone with them. I tried making an appointment and they said they were booked til July, but someone cancelled so im going in on may 18th. But I leave to go home for the summer right after that, will that cause problems with me getting accutane, seeing as it will be impossible to get an appointment? They say that since its my
  7. A month to get a derm appointment. Damn I might have to make it when I get home from college. Son of a B. (sorry for using harsh letters)
  8. wow 400 down to 10, I'm definitely switching to prescription coverage if i get prescribed. Any idea if its automatic or take a month or so?
  9. I am having my physical on friday, and going to ask to see a derm to get on accutane. Now my question is if you have prescription benefits how much does the accutane cost. Right now my plan does not cover prescriptions and I was just wondering whether it would be worth it. I have read some people only have to pay a $10 co-pay, while it runs others $200. Thanks everyone. p.s. how long until after the derm gives the OK will it take me to get my first pill, I am a male, so hopefully that I pledge
  10. Hoping to get on Accutane soon. Just wondering what you all use to wash and moisturize your face. And how many times a day you wash and moisturize your face. It seems like everyone uses Aquaphor and vaseline for their lips, so I know what to get for that. Also for the men on accutane, how do you go about shaving. Because I read you should not exfoliate while on accutane, and every time I empty my electric razor I see a bunch of dead skin. Well thanks in advance for all the help.
  11. Shit, 400 a month, I better switch my insurance plan before then. My acne is'nt bad but it all leaves marks making my face look like shit. I will absolutely suffer for 6 months to have nice skin like I used to. And worst comes to worst, my acne will get a little better. O well, getting physical soon, can only hope for the best. Thanks for all the input people.
  12. Yeah I hear a lot about a initial breakout, but I hear it only gets better from there. I have read a lot about accutane both on here and the internet, so I know of all the consiquences. But I hear taking a low dose mkaes those side effects not as bad or not show up at all, except for the inevitable dry skin/eyes/lips, as long I dont have joint problems and hair loss. My acne used to be severe, its not that bad now but I still get it and it all leaves marks, making my face look very bad. I just w
  13. I want to go on accutane to get rid of my mild/moderate but very persistent acne. I am pretty confident that taking accutane will "cure" me permanently since my acne is not severe, am I right in thinking this. Currently I have few pimples but a lot of red marks, is it true that accutane makes it so these marks fade slower. And for those of you in the US, my insurance does not cover prescriptions, any Idea how much accutane costs without insurance covering it. And just so I know how much do you c
  14. To d rok, I think I have a pretty basic regimen, all the stuff I use minus the dove soap is natural. So you say the only way to get rid of this is time, which seems good, but they really do piss me off and if something can help with out causing more acne im defininetly gonna try. To 2006, I use the aloe as my moisturizer, mixing it with jojoba oil. And does letting the water sit on your face really make it absorb into your skin, I thought it just evaporates, but im feinently gonna try that, beca