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  1. lol, there's this toilet in school that i hate to go in but still go to frequently. It takes a lot of will-power when I go into this BRIGHTLY LIT toilet. I tell you, i can see every damn pimple on my lower face even from a cubicle. But then you just have to remember that no one is going to count every small pimple you have (unless you have cysts everywhere). People always look at you overall face structure before delving into the details. It is the human mind, we like to look at the big picture
  2. I feel that kid man... I've suffered from some heart and lungs problems due to an illness. To have kidney dieases, man that sucks. Hope she get well better. By the way, just a thought, does anyone here remember Antony? The guy who posted a very famous regime in the Diet and Holistic Health Section? Is he still here?
  3. Erm, can someone please answer my question? I really need help to clarify on this, it seems interesting but yet confusing.
  4. lol, you know what's the funny thing? my bro has a pimply face but yet he has a buff body so girls don't really mind about his face as long as they can play with his abs. Maybe the girls in my school are different, dunno. As for shaving everywhere, yewoch! I don't do that unless I'm some swimmer. Luckily I'm an Asian guy so I don't really produce so much hair, except my legs, they are like hairy as an ape. But seriously, japanese guys in the past are life gruff apes and wtf happened? new feminni
  5. Wait, i'm really confused. I just read this thread and what AlexAmighty said was to not wash your face so that the sebum would fill your pores and the bacteria would be on the surface. But then, sebum is what help to aggravate the p.acnes bateria and if they are on the surface, wouldn't they cause more wreckage as they can mix with other bacterias from the air? Will someone please clarify these for me????
  6. Keep in there, Tiramisu, at least it was brave of you to say that you suffered from kidney disease. Don't lose hope, kidney disease should be easy to treat, it is one of the most common disease. I suffered from something else even worse that can never be treated: deafness.
  7. Do I have to stir the salt to help it dissolve or do I just leave the salt to dissolve nautrally?
  8. I think I need help. I don't feel any tingling on my face and I am not sure whether the salt is working on my face. I have been doing this for two days and my face has improved a lot, soft and smooth skin, with less pimples. But I am not sure whether I put enough salt (I use table salt) and I usually put like one quarter of salt.
  9. If you look at the last Harry Potter movie and if you look at Tom Felton closely (he is the actor for Draco Malfroy), you can see some spots on his face. So there! even badass guy have acne and even an actor have acne, so chill.
  10. I LOVE FISH! They are tasty and damn healthy because they don't contain saturated fats and they have omega 3 fats which lower your cholosterol level and reduce your chances of heart attack. I FRIKING LOVE SUSHI. I think that's why Japanese live for so long.
  11. I eat fastfood, its nice, tasty and fast. But I eat it in moderation (sometimes I binge though, but no harm done). I think it doesn't really affect my skin. I just need to practice more good hygience.
  12. just started usin it. i don't really use alot as i don't want my face to be too dependable on it. i just use all three at night and day time, a bit of the cleeanser.
  13. Same problem here too, got a very oily t-zone but no acne there, only acne around my cheeks and jawline. i use proactiv exofoliation to get rid of dead skin cells, at least it works for me.