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  1. to die for

    Me and acne

  2. to die for

    How it is

    Hello Adam...I'm sorry to read that you feel bad....I can totally relate...I've been struggeling with my acne for at least 13 years now...and I'm sick of it as you can understand. Now it's mostly the scaring that troubles me...seems to be the same for you. People say that my skin doesn't look bad at all, and...no it doesn't look bad if you compare it to what it used too look like....but that isn't really enough...right? I've looked at your pictures and I see a lot of improvment in your skin, bu
  3. to die for

    2 questions about accutane...

    i've been on roaccutane two times (eleven years ago and six years ago) both times the acne came back after about a year, but not as severe as before i started roaccutane. guess it is different for different persons, but that's my experience.
  4. i have been on accutane (or roaccutane as it's called here in sweden) two times. first when i was 12 and the second time when i was 17. i've also suffered from moderate to severe depression between the ages of 13 and 18. i'm not blaming this on the roaccutane, but it's scary to know that it could have been one of the causes. it was 11 years since i first took roaccutane and back then they didn't say anything about depression as a side effect. they told me it could hurt the kidneys and liver so i