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  1. I think I have made my skin much worse but chucking to many exfoliating products on it over the last couple of years, using SA one minute, AHA the next and then retin A and then trying a clarisonic. I skin is red,sore and looks crap basically. I think I have over exfoliate my skin , i am going to lay off completely with all these exfoliating products. How long does it take for skin to repair itself - is that possible or just calm down a little. Obviously I am still going to get my acne which
  2. Why when one cyst appears and finally starts to dissapear another one pops up next to. For example I suddenly developed a massive red cysts on my neck, it is still there and has started to go slowly, I have never got acne this low on my neck before (its mainly on my jaw) and now another one has appear next to it. Why Why Why? Its so upsetting. How can I get rid. They are really hard so trying to popo them is not going to happen.
  3. Hi Kazza , I was diagnosed when I was 16, I basically stopped my periods when I was 15 and they have never returned, I am 31 now. Unless I take something like the pill or provera then I don't have a period. My syptoms are acne and no periods, I dont really get hair thankfully. I have trouble loosing weight also which can be a problem for pcos woman. I got diagnosed by having an ultra sound scan. It really is the bain of my life.
  4. Hey Kazza I too have terrible acne round my jawline etc, I have pcos so I think it is due to that. I am 30 now and still have skin like a teenager. I hate it. I have been using retin-a for the last 7 months and although it has helped some it is not making me 100% clear. I have been on the pill which again helped but coming off it I think made my skin worse and also I don't want to be on it forever. I am thinking on trying vitex can't really make things much worse. It does get me down, every
  5. Picking Picking and more Picking. Also would not have put so much crap stuff on my face like loads of different products and changing them all the time. Maybe also I would not of gone on dianette which I think made my skin 10 times worse when I came off it then what it was before I took it.
  6. I have been using retin-a for about five months now, I have noticed my face is far less oily now.
  7. Hi So I have been using Retin-A gel 0.25% since about May this year now. It has considerably cleared up my cystic jawline acne. However I am not really that clear. I still get very clogged pores and still get the odd cystic spot. I still also seem to be purging (in the way I get loads of whiteheads on my chin and round my nose.) is it possible that I could be still purging.I mean I have had bad acne for years so that is many years worth of crap to come out Also it is really difficult for me
  8. Well I have been on Retin-A gel for nearly 3 months now, alot of my major cysts have gone especially round my jawline. However I still breakout, I still get alot of whiteheads and crap coming out of my skin, can I still being purging after 3 months? Also my skins is still very red and flakey, and looks scared and has red marks ( which are fading slowly), but my overall face looks red all the time.
  9. I am only using a pea sized, anymore and it would just ball up anyway. Actually the last few days my skin as calm down alot and I can see improvement. The cluster of cysts that were on my cheek have literally gone but left a massive red mark. My skin is still flaking especially between my bottom lip and chin area but I can cope with that as long as the cysts are less. The best improvement is my jawline, it was so bad , I actually look like I have lost weight round my face as before my jawline
  10. Sorry I know this is asked all the time its just getting me down. Its is the gel I have, also I only use a small amount but it seems to just sit on my skin and after about half an hour it seems to peeling off almost like a mask. Its like its not even sinking in!!
  11. I have been using Retin-A 0.025 for almost 5 weeks now at night , I am also using Azelaic Acid in the mornings. At first my skin seem not too bad I had a bit of a breakout but could also see improvement. But now my skin looks sooo awful, I have a big cluster of cyst on my cheek , loads of whiteheads have appeared on my chin, well more between my bottom lip and chin and lots of flakiness. Also my skin is red and very greasy. I mean my skin is pretty bad normally anyway but its looking worse. I
  12. I never see anyone with acne , its like I am the only one. I have started working in a school and even the teenagers have clear skin. I have not seen one spotty teenager!! Also I go to a local womans gym and I dont wear any makeup when I go and I notice some of the other woman stare at me, I try not to let it get to me but sometimes I wanna turn round a say "what the f**k are you lookng at?"
  13. I love diorshow - but its pricey. I have been using a cheap one from Boots Natural Collection which is pretty good. One I would not recommend is MAC Zoom Lash - I thought I was going to go blind its irritated my eyes so bad.
  14. just thought I would update if anyone was interested. No real improvments but nothing majorley serious either, have had 2 new spots come on my right cheek and I can feel a small one on my jawline. ( I really need to control the need to keep touching and fiddling with my face). Still loads of red marks, although the red marks round my jawline and neck seem less angressive then usual. I have been waiting a least 20 mins after cleansing like Wynne said before applying the retin-a and I only appl