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    Clear Skin...soooo HAPPY!!!!
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  3. Ok... I am so depressed about my acne... i will never have a boyfriend until it clears up... I won't even date b/c i don't want him to see me without makeup and all my agly pimples... The only time I feel good about myself is when I have cover-up on... but i can't always have it on like if i were to stay over at his house or go swimming with him... Its so F*$#ing depressing i just wanna have clear skin and not have to worry about shit like this... I wanna enjoy my life not worry about stupid shi
  4. Personally I have noticed my skin looking better b/c it's really good for ur skin to breathe and clears ur pores of dirt... And not only that but after any sort of exercise my skin looks refreshed and healthy. Thats my skins reation to exercise.
  5. Best advice... Go to the tanning salon. worked for me... Dried them all up. Now I have no body acne at all... Hope this helps!
  6. Ok I just came back from Vacation in the Caribbean and now my pimples are GONE!!! Thx to not wearing make-up, laying in the sun (without sun screen) and swimming in the Ocean (salt water is excellent for ur skin)... So now i am washing my face with salt water and am no longer wearing heavy foundation just a little cover up. Oh and by the way i used to use revlon Color stay and i truly think that was the result of some of my breakouts... So all in all best advice-STOP wearing heavy foundation!!!
  7. Does anyone know if i can buy mineral makeup from a drug store and if so what are some brands??? please help... I want to try it soooo bad.. Thx
  8. Has anyone taken Minocin and if u have does it work? Cause i just started taking it. Please reply...
  9. Ok well i think there is something seriously wrong with me! B/c all kinds of guys ask me out but i always turn them down or never call them back. And its not b/c i don't like them, its b/c of my Stupid Acne!!! I scared they will see me without my makeup on, or on a bad day. B/c i always wear makeup when i go out. But what happens when they see me when i wake up in the morning or when i go swimming (which i love!)??? Cause they prob think i look good with makeup on, but trust me when its off its
  10. Ok i strated breaking out in my 20's and i think it may be because of my smoking. has this happened to anyone else?
  11. Ok i'm going away in 3 weeks and i know my acne will not clear by then. so what is a good foundation that won't fade even if i am swimming?
  12. I can't not wear makeup, i feel like i am so ugly without it b/c of my acne. I just wish my acne would go away cause then i would never have to wear makeup. Other then my skin problem i am quite pretty. I am taking minocin right now my acne isn't bad i have a about 5 pimples and lots of red marks how can i get rid of them? Help Please!!!!