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  1. try a proteinshake I take that too and i'm accutane firstday I started today 20 mg a dag for 70kg
  2. I taught they didn't make that anymore because I saw that green concealer is so faux pas I mean you can have a good foundation who covers up the redness
  3. Oh my god not dream matte mousse that really sucks for me it made my skin shinnny I think I will try Estee Lauder now cause they are not acnegenic
  4. I'm using Yves Saint Laurent now but I have a question does make up makes your acne worse
  5. I've used it but not for long didn't make me break out but I don't think it's oil free
  6. what did you use for make up is it Chanel foundation for oil skin
  7. I wear make up but not all the time but it is difficult to find a perfect foundation that doesn't make your skin shine you know
  8. i've bought this and it doesn't work at all
  9. touche éclat Yves Saint Laurent
  10. Yeah I think It makes acne worser don't buy it
  11. terrible products really really terrible foundation doesn't even has an SPF
  12. wearing make up is not a bad thing as a gay just make sure it looks natural
  13. just tell them you are a mextrosexual guy ;-) and that you would like to have your acne covered up to look good