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Colonel Angus

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  1. Where are you Colin?

  2. I could go for some Colonel Angus right about now, it's been a while. Interested?

  3. AHHH, quit changing your name!

  4. I love your new name <3

  5. Yes the hair cut is amazing. Might want to trim the brows a bit though.

  6. Do you like my haircut?

  7. Wow sarah you finally put up a personal photo. You are even more beautiful than I thought.

  8. =)hey colin, Im not a very good fake uni student called steven am i, lol, hope ur alrite mate xxx

  9. u visited me! haha wooo

  10. It's been awhile since I have been to these forums but peels will not help your scarring bro. Trust me. Peelsa are for like really superficial and I mean really superficial stuff.
  11. HAPPY BDAY COLIN :D xxxxxx

  12. Colin, why are you never around any more? :(