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  1. soo i ve been on diane for about a year.. it took a while for it to work. about 6 months.. it worked but then a few months ago ive been breaking out again! i thought it was stress and it would goa way.. but nope.. its happening everyday now. while i was on diane (when it was working) there was maybe an odd pimple every few weeks but now its like a new pimple everyday!! its all around my chin, mouth, sometimes my nose. ALWAYS in the exact same spots like rin the area under my nose, above my lips
  2. i havent tried virtual skin but prescriptives but i got custom blend foundation and I LOVEE It. its SO expensive ($80 cdn for foundation, $45 (i think?) for concealer) but its best makeup ive ever used. you can customize your coverage and anything else you want added - like eye brightener for concealer, green tint for redness,.. but they mostly figure everything out for you. my foundation match is pretty much perfect! at frst i wasnt so impressed but by chance i found a great way it worked for m
  3. okay so this is awesome.. my red marks are disappearing (everyone is noticing and saying my skin looks so great) and it ISNT because of any new product ive bought.. the newest things ive got are about a month old and theyre not even for red marks.. im using a clarins everyday bronzer/self tanner (its not that dark so i dont think its just that stuff covering the marks) and olay UV protection moisturizer for oily skin.. the last product i bought for red marks was the pure deming IG that was abou
  4. tikvica, you got all of that out of just one 1/4 bottle?! if so thats great... the IG is soo much more expensive compared to the GA another q or anyone that knows, after i do the peel and im putting moisturizer.. is olay complete moisturizer (SPF 15) for combo/oily skin okay? or should i be using something more organic and natural after the peel?
  5. ok so im planning on ordering pure deming's glycolic mini peel.. any experiences? alsooo shud i get the 1/2 ounce or 1/4.. i have absolutely no idea how many peels you can get out of either!
  6. thanks for posting this. i'll have to try this while i'm home for the break!
  7. i just got it done on sunday.. it was SO expensive.. for foundation and concealer - about 135$ canadian with tax. oh mannn but yeah i got max coverage for both and it looks good =) the concealer is really amazing covers redmarks well. just wanted to let you all know!
  8. its already been about a year and a half.. and they havent gone away.. i really cant see them going away by themselves at all.
  9. omg this seems so discouraging.. to me peels awlays seemed more liek the last resort.. i tried vitamin E, ahas, other glycolic producst and the dont work soo its peels for me. now i read stuff liek dont expect them to be gone til like HOW many sessions? i duno i guess i hsould try for my self though. it is very discouraging because liek if peels dont work, what other option do i have? seems like im DOOMED for red marks for eternity
  10. those look similar to mine, but mine are a bit darker in some areas - dark red. i've tried ACV briefly + delnas regimen, and didnt really get any results.. i've tried AHAs, vitamin E but they havent really achieved any noticable results right now im using a pure deming intense gel but im ont seeing great results either so i think im going to do glycolic peels since i duno what else is left. you might get results from what i havent tried because yours are so much lighter!
  11. tazorac didnt work at all.. made me SP greasy, gave me tons of red marks which i still have. (both gel and cream) differin.. not working.. well its getting rid of pimples i put it on but its leaving red marks and im sorry but theres no point in that. im guessing.. all retinoids will do this to me? gah
  12. i was prescribed both those before - together. ur suppose dto put the clindamycin( i had dalacin T) in the morning and taz at night
  13. dammmit freakin differin. sorry im so angry.. i just realized differin has been giving me MORE red marks. (i have a shit loda to begin with but few pimples) on the pimples i did put it on (on my forehead) the pimples are gone - well they're flat , no pimple sbut now, RED MARKS YAY no more of DIFFERIN! i am super annoyedddd
  14. i ve tried alot of makeup but noting has covered it perfectly. i just got custom blend foundation at prescriptives counter and it covers well but not perfectly. you can still faintly see red marks. i dont know honestly if there is makeup out there that covers perfect but i agree with waht the prescriptives girl told me: dont hide them completely. even if you try to u'll just keep layering on foundation/concealer and itll look cakey and wont even cover properly.
  15. gladi t worked for you and it didnt end up all horrible.. probably would have for me! im so unlucky i am really loving the clarins.. its making my red mark less noticable, and its a subtle glow, definetly not a full out tan but its enough colour for now. i like!