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  1. An enema is one of the most effective procedures you can do at home to clean toxins from your body. Dr. Norman Walker, an american doctor known all around the world (he lived for 106 years) actually used enema for 50 years to treat different diseases. He regarded enema to be the simplest and most effective method to clean internal filth from the body. He used to say that people who do not believe in enema's effectiveness need it most. Many people are not ready to use the large intestine irrigat
  2. Well most of the teen age group go a bit later to sleep, whether they have acne or not, so I don't thbink that there's a correlation.
  3. Everyone post some of your healthiest meals. Right now I am looking all around, and I can't seem to find a single decent thing to put in my mouth, everything is junk. I need some ideas, HEELLLPPP. I read somewhere here that even canned tuna isn't good
  4. If anyone is interested in trying out a cognitive behavioural therapy audioseries please message me and I'll provide the links. I can't really post them publically because It's not exactly allowed and wouldn't want them to get removed since I am sharing them for free.
  5. How is that average if youre a guy? That's underweight.
  6. I'm a guy, 5'10'', and weigh 125 pounds, which is pretty underweight. I can't gain weight no matter what I do.
  7. I absolutely refuse to take any prescription medications as long as there are alternative treatments that work just as well. I have downloaded Dr. Richards Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Series and just finished it recently and I feel like I have changed quite a bit. I have also downloaded the e-book "The Power of Now" and that has helped somewhat as well. In the past I tried 5-htp, it is supposed to increase serotonin(sp?) levels, and it has helped but I haven't used it in months, and I believe
  8. Oh I know more than I ever needed to know about it trust me. I've had it severely for 4 years as well, and was extremely shy all my life. Recently I've gotten a little better, but it's still a huge problem, I still don't have any friends in real life, and it's pretty terrible.
  9. Does anyone else here suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder?
  10. Everyone I know who I have told about this, and they tried it all completely, has had all their acne go away. Every single one of them. This includes other message boards, personal friends, etc.