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  1. Alright so I have an ounce of TCA 100%. My plan is too take some distilled water and dilute it to 50% then to 25% and then to 12.5%. I plan on putting the TCA in baby food bottles, the glass ones. I dunno though, is there anything that I should know before I do this??? I'm a bit worried but I'm gonna go ahead and do it within the next two days...
  2. yes!, I've noticed now on my temples I've gotten like 6 pin prick like scars, and I hate that. Also its left an indent where my forehead wrinkles are. Whyyyyyyyyy is it doing this????
  3. I was just curious if Polysporin could be used as a substitute for Neosporin??? :-s
  4. Well has anyone who's dohe a gallbladder/liver flush seen improvements in scars or acne? :-s
  5. i just ordered 100% TCA from peels on demand, i was just curious, has anyone tried the cross method on scars on there nose? Also, I have line scars from scratches not acne, can cross help these? [-o<
  6. yo just do it yourself, order some and go for it! thats what im doing!
  7. uno i really like this flush and all, but what do you guys think will happen if i just do the liver cleanse and not the parasite or kidney cleanse cause i doubt i'll be able to afford/find most of the ingredients in the parasite/kindey cleanse. Anyone just done the liver cleanse?
  8. good questions, i also wanna know more abt her product. Her website is http://www.peelsondemand.com/ I also wanna know if her tca is unbuffered or buffered?
  9. if u put the 50% twice on the same scar wouldnt that equal 100?
  10. can any experienced CROSS users answer this?
  11. If they were going to do it on themselves, would you recommend starting with 50% TCA or going straight to 100%?
  12. tell me more about this water, what kind of % improvement have you gotten from your scars? Do you think its better than TCA?
  13. very very interestin, great thread! my only question is that they recommend you doing a parasite killing program and kidney cleanse before you do the actual liver cleanse... but when you click on the links for the kindey and parasite cleanses there's an error on the page and it doesn't show us how to do those, so what are we supposed to do for those?