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  1. my cyst/zits usually grows when i am asleep... sometimes when i wake up i see new acne... i felt innocent then as i cant possibily wash my oily skin when im asleep my bedsheets are clean, i even tried my best to sleep upright. = (
  2. sometimes it may surface and i see pus...thts when i poke the dried pus...
  3. Is there any recommended products for sunless tan that can last a few days? I've got acne prone skin and i hope to find a good product that can also be used on face. Like doesn't clog pores.. oil-free etc.. I thought neutrogena products seems gd, but im not sure which are the better ones. Any recommendations? Thanks
  4. its like.. why didnt we have aids vaccine too? because we dont' know how to overcome the virus yet.. lol and scientists have acne too..
  5. moderate-serious acne 1) Did you guys take a lot of anti biotics prior to getting Acne? Nope. 2) Did you guys ever get Chicken Pox etc? Around age of 10. 3) Did you guys have Braces? No. 4) What age did you get acne? 13-16pimples 17-19acne
  6. had same problems.. perhaps my lipbump suxs.. whenever i drink water, it totally washes it off.. and my lips become partially white, lol..
  7. i don't think you need to refrain urself from eating anything.. just be normal... lol
  8. i think most taners have realised that while on accutane, wounds tend to heal more slowly... from simple scratches to deep cuts. i would like to know if there's any way to speed up the recovery? perhaps some cream to apply or any type of vitamin will help? i am taking 500-1000mg/day vitaminC and plenty of water.. still, the rate of recovery is rather dissapointing. please share your working methods here..
  9. I have that EXACT same thing, it sucks. goes up and down. at least i know i'm not alone now.. lol
  10. how long should the toothpaste be applied on before washing off? i got this huge cyst-like thing behind my earlobe. it gets smaller and bigger depending on its mood, lol.. the only thing it doesnt do is to go off.. even on accutane, it pops up during my course. it has been there for several months, its not like the ordinary red cyst anymore, there's a little black colour on the skin.. would like to try on it, haha. thanks..
  11. i had skin shedding for like a month.. but looks normal after recovered. nevertheless, its bad for ur skin..
  12. hello, can anybody recommend a good and affordable (<15usd) exfoliant? perhaps those manual ones like facial wash with beads? thanks