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  1. Thanks Aus I really appreciate it. Hope everything goes well for you. Godd luck with the treatment. -not2bad
  2. First Day after my smoothbeam and TCA CROSS....My face is really oily. I just woke up and man it is really oily. I have no scabs from TCA. I think the scabs from TCA come in another day ... :-k . I will see how it goes from here. Hey those of you who have had V-Beam does it help with red and brown marks? I have a lot of them and it really makes things look worse. I'm just wondering what I could use to get that taken care of...will peels alone help with that, and if so which peels? And where can
  3. Just wondering if anyone has had succes in treating red marks with the V-Beam laser. I have a lot of red marks and don't know what to do.If you have had any success with the laser on red marks, how many treatments did it take? thanks, not2bad
  4. You know I think Maya is doing the spot treatment with Glyco. Maybe she can tell you some more about that. The TCA CROSS I had done as you may or may not know consists of 100%TCA. This is definitely not safe for home use. What type of scars will you be doing the spot treatment on Obi? Oh and Obi whats are you currently using the 30% Glyco for? I have lots of hyperpigmentation that I want to get rid of as it makes the scars look worse but have no idea what to use. I have heard about Mandelic Acid
  5. Well as you know the TCA CROSS treatment consists of using a sharp wooden stick ..sorta like a toothpick he dabbed it in the TCA and then applied it to the depressed scars..I actually didn't count I was far too nervous to even think of counting ....but it was about 20 or so, this is counting both cheeks. It didn't hurt. It stung a bit but it was really not2bad--hehe. I am excited as I have heard good things about both of these treatments. I will keep posting to let you all know how it is going.
  6. Just had my SB and TCA CROSS treatment done today. I didn't use numbing cream on setting 12 and man it really hurt...but not too bad. I will definitely apply the cream for the next one which is scheduled for three weeks. The TCA CROSS was not painful at all. He performed the TCA before the Smoothbeam...I will keep you posted. -not2bad
  7. Well I just got home from the Derms office. I had both the smoothbeam and TCA CROSS. The doctor performed the TCA CROSS before the smoothbeam. The TCA did sting a bit but it was not too bad. The smoothbeam however was very painful. He did a setting of 12 with no numbing cream. I thought I could take it but man it really hurt. It kinda felt like a tattoo. I did have redness and a bit of swelling but it is not too bad. I will just wait and see how it goes. I will definitely be getting the numbing
  8. yeah I guess your right I will look for it today. I read the info you posted on the other topic..thanks again. -not2bad
  9. I will look for it Fromchicago..thanks. And I will ask about the VBeam too.Thanks for your help. -not2bad
  10. Yeah I need some last minute tips too I have mine scheduled for tomorrow morning. I'm a little nervous..oh and I don't have any numbing cream...I will just have to bear the pain at setting 12.eek...LOL. oops hadn't read fromchicagos post yet...lol -not2bad
  11. Oh and by the way...I know I really might be overdoing it but hey I am determined to get rid of and/or minimize the appearance of these scars. I have a lot of redness on my cheeks that was left over from having done some natural peels at this skin clinic where they also extracted some acne...they poked it and extracted the bacteria that was inside. I was getting those peels to get rid of my red marks but with 6 done so far I have not seen any improvement at all and it was costing me $ 40 a week.
  12. Again I'm not sure how he will be doing this. I think the best way to do it is to get the SB done all over my face and then have the local TCA applied. I'm a little nervous though. He said he had done these two procedures before, although he didn't tell me if he had done them together like he will be doing on me. I will be getting the smoothbeam setting 12 with no numbing cream....I'm a little worried about the pain but we will just have to wait and see how it goes. I don't have the cream yet an
  13. No we did not do a test spot. The dermatologist wanted to start on setting 8 but I felt that was too low...I have read in other posts that it's best to start on a higher setting I think I heard people say it brings better results. I wanted to start on 13 but he said we should start at 12 and then move up from there I agreed..I figure 12 is still a strong setting but also somewhat safe. Right now I am just worried about having both smoothbeam and TCA CROSS done on the same day...I haven't heard o
  14. This tuesday I will be having my first of 3 or 4 smoothbeam treatments as well as a TCA CROSS. I'm not sure which will be done first. I am just wondering if anyone in here has had the two and what has been the result of this? Oh and I am wondering whethere I should get the numbing cream for the smoothbeam and if so what is the name? We agreed to start off on a setting of 12. Thanks, not2bad