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  1. I've never done Fraxel, but in my opinion, having Fraxel just to get rid of redmarks is overkill. Kinda like killing a fly with an M-16. There are many other cheaper alternative in my opinion to clear out red marks, at least for me...I did lactic 55%, smoothbeam, and wash my face with Neutrogena BP face wash everyday. Took care quite a bit of my red marks. I'll try to post a picture to show you the difference in the gallery. ←
  2. ITs too early for me to say anything since i had my first treatment of fraxel yesterday. But it was at level 11 and i can say all my shallow indents or rolling scars are not to be seen.. i hope they stay that way.
  3. I am sure since many of you here have tried fraxel can answer my question. Does fraxel fade away red marks from old breakouts??
  4. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!! This is how much it hurt me it was my first and was done at level 11. IT appears to have corrected most of my very shallow scars maybe it the swelling i dnt know. But very awesome results so far. also i think i am gonna jump on level 12 or 13 next time as i wanna end on 14th level or something. The weired thing is my swelling has gone down quite a bit plus the redness has decreased tremendously from 6 hours ago since my tre
  5. Hey guys i have been following this for a while and now just a week ago went to my clinic to have a laser or somethin done for my shallow rolling scars. I thought he might refer me to smoothbeam but he said that has been collecting dust and is now an old technology. The NEW technology is fraxel and will gr8tly help reduce my scars by 70% he said although he was like i dnt wanna sound to optimistec.. So tommorow is my first fraxel and lets see what happens. Also can anyone tell me by their expe
  6. Hi ppl, this is myredmarks, SORRY ppl i havent able to visit this forum as you know its hard to find time on your hands when your blemish free. I might not come on again ere, prolly every now n den but give it a shot wut have ya got to looooooose. for pics i must say i was so depressed back then dat i nver took my pics ever. bye all Godbless you! MRM
  7. Hello Everyone, All you are very right about your concerns. So please look at the highlighted red section in my modified regimen on the main page. It basically tells you, that DO take all the vitamins, BUT adjust the dosage to what you are comfortable with. Your zone of comfort should NOT depend on your GUT-FEELING, instead advice through proper websites of doctors health onlines and dermatologists. LET's GET CLEAR