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  1. yeh i tried to get another dermo from his group, but he has no backup..the receptionist told me it was my fault not to make the appointment, but this dermo is one of the best, so you would think he would make sure all his patients has perscriptions before he goes on holidays.. anyways, i havent taken roaccutain in 4 days now..nothings different..i got one more tablet, and im going to take that in another 2 days, so that i dont extend 7 days without taking a tablet, because the dermo is getting
  2. ohhk thanks..yeh i should be allright i still got one tablet tho, so im weighing up taking it in like a week or sumthing, because i dont know if it would be better to take it today, or in a week, like to spread one tablet out for 2 weeks..ahhh!
  3. ive been on roaccutain for 2 months..my skins going sooooo good, like its working heaps well..now, my dermo is overseas for 2 weeks and i only have 1 =20mg tablet left( i take 2 a day)..my dermo's receptionest said 2 weeks wouldnt hurt, but im not so sure, especially because my skins going good and i dont want it all back again (oilyness etc)..i dont know what to do, but ive had no major problems whilst being on the drug, so i wouldnt be denied a renewed perscription.. Has this happpened to any
  4. but if you seperate them or have them both at the same time, willl it have an effect on your acne clearing up? like will it clear up better if you take them both at the same time? My derm told me to take them both at the same time, but he said to do this just incase you forget to take the 2nd dose..but now im not sure whether i have dis obeyed my derm..
  5. if you want to go swimming to clear your acne but your too ashamed to do it, just simple wear a rash shirt or something...make up an excuse that you dont want to get burnt..
  6. yer i have some pimples on my upper arms..shits me...i have to wear a jacket or a wristband all the time
  7. yeah i have hell long hair and i dont get breakouts on my forehead because of it.. what i do is, during the day, just wear it however you want, dont care about it being on your forehead, but before you go to sleep, make sure you wash your hair and what i do is, i put a rubber band in the fringe and go to sleep and in the morning, take it out..simple
  8. Yeah im on my 5th day of roacutain treatment, and my face is pretty good, like oil has slowed down and i still havent had a breakout on my face. but i have had a breakout on my body..now does this mean that i probably wont get an initial breakout on my face? and how long till this body breakout starts to heal? cheers