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  1. yes, i had pretty bad body acne. i kinda screwed myself over, cuz i popped them all, and the scarring on areas like the back and chest stay longer. so do the red marks. just don't touch it at all. and make sure you change clothes regularly and stuff. wearing the same smelly shirt to the gym everyday could really make you break out. and the sweat too. yes, it does suck when you're at the pool, waterparks, etc. just hang in there. ](*,)
  2. everytime, i shave, i break out like crazy in that area. but i only shave when i let it grow really long. which irritates the skin more. so if you shave regurly, not like once in a blue moon, i don't think it would hurt.
  3. chappelle's show is awesome. "I'm Rick James Bitch!" hope that cheers you up. seriously though, don't let it make you sad. just keeping yourself locked in all the time, won't help anything. get out, go with your friends somewhere and just enjoy life.
  4. uh, having both sucks the cock. but i'd say being overweight is worse. for all of you people who just say "then stop eating!", it's not that easy. walk a mile in a fat man's shoes, and you'll see it's just not that easy.
  5. for all of you lovely ladies on the board, "how you doin'?" (the joey triviani)
  6. , yes, i feel your pain. bacne sucks so much. it does seem to migrate, like to the chest, shoulders, upper arms. i hate the summer now. no more going to the beach, pool, water parks. being constantly pressured by friends and making bs excuses that you can't go. how active is it? cuz for me, after about three years, it seemed to have stopped. it just left a whole bunch of red marks and scars. anyways, hang in there. and don't think about it too much, cuz stress does seem to make it worse
  7. yea, chest, back, shoulders, the whole lot. i picked at it alot when i was younger and ignorant about scarring, so i have a bunch of scars now. some of them are the raised ones, which i think will never go away. but after like 3 years, the redness seemed to fade away and got better. and a prescription, tetracyclines, helped stop the acne from coming there. once i can afford it, i'll get like a smooth beam or whatever surgery.
  8. yea, acne can lead to depression. some people's depression is directly cuz of acne, but other people like myself, it just added to the whole other lot. you know "im too fat! my girlfriend dumped me! " and all that other shit. but you really can't let all that stuff get to you. none of it will mean anything 10 years from now.
  9. is there any non-surgical smoothbeam treatment thing for specifically rolling scars, cuz those are the ones i have. if so, can you help me out? thanks everybody.
  10. i think when you take a shower, it softens up your skin, so that stuff comes out.
  11. i know what you're goin' through. i had zits all over my face, back, chest, and shoulders. most of it is gone. my scars on my face are not bad, but on my back and chest, it's like horrible. try the "do not touch" approach. i think the more time you spend looking at yourself, makes you want to touch. and touching and picking just makes it worse. so stay away from mirrors! that's what helps me.
  12. damn, that is a success story right there. yea, i use tazorac and tetracyclines, though i haven't been totally on schedule with the antibiotics which isn't really helping the situations. damn, you must be pimping those ho's now.