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  1. http://grande.nal.usda.gov/ibids/index.php...p;therow=202585 This is the first thing that came up. Just Google: Bromocriptine acne Seems hopeful. But that one study was just women and that was almost 20 years old! I mean, if it did work so well, why hasn't it gone forward since?
  2. I've yet to see a study by anyone but wholistic folks based on anectdotal evidence that ingredients in the common sunblocks offered are dangerous or cause cancer. I hear many often say they do and then go say idiotic things like the sun doesn't cause cancer. Disclaimer: I too am wholistic minded, I just think many think anything not natural is always just bad. I don't think it's always true and prefer real science. I personally use Ocean Potion SPF 50 on those rare times I'm in the sun more th
  3. Duane, I noticed a few things in your info: > dessert essence jojoba oil Many comedogenic lists, including Dr. Fulton's (the guy who invented Retin-A) say it's comedogenic... You may think 'it's not for me' but you are here due to a fight with acne, it could be one thing you're doing that makes it a bit worse likely. > 200 mg ibuprofen You take this for inflammation? How often on average? Based on taking it just as needed? > paula's choice 1% BHA gel (to unclog pores) Do you f
  4. Great info. The bone issue is a consideration so they should study it more. I've had a diet rich in healthy vitamins and carotenoids and zinc and it had no bearing on oil output. Being / eating healthier and getting enough of nutrients mentioned as well as C in generally may help, it did for me, but just the RDA amount. Extra doesn't 'medicate' or help. Accutane's action is still pretty unique in this. My anger is that they made a topical 'Isotrex' gel at this incredibly low dose that is said t
  5. To the original poster. That's simply a comedo you have extracted. A mild squeeze would likely yeild a similar result. I see you use Jojoba Oil for moisture. That could be partially why, it can clog the pores too.
  6. Good points. The jury is still out on why on that for sure. I am low glycemic by choice in my diet due to a familial history of diabetes. I don't have it and don't want to get it. But I also eat very little beef or poultry or fish, as the last two can have lots of iodine, as can too much beef... I'm a health-nut in diet anyway. Going as organic as one can sensibly, whole grains, not stripped ones, avoiding a diet high in sugar or junk food. High fiber. I think that we can fight acne better if h
  7. Looking for a reason why never worked for me. I just accept it's there and fight it will all I have. Acne exists because some of us make too much oil, and or our skin cell growth patterns cause all the pores (hair follicles) to clog easily, and that's a recipie for a buffet for acne bacteria (p. acne) that breaks down fatty acids in a way that also irritates and draws microphages (pus) and that is unfortunate, but then, it's not that different... vs. a lot of diseases that serve no purpose but a
  8. Well, the best option is to beat the acne and avoid the heart attack. Your theory is certainly worth of merit... It goes with another bigger picture theory that could explain a few things. How I'm ectomorphic as is my girlfriend, we're both 41 and still break out. Her in a very mild way controlled by mere Stridex pads, and me so bad I'm on a few RX's and have to be careful in diet, sun exposure, and other things. It's really simple. Our bodies tend not to store fat. Where does it go then? Out o
  9. I'd noticed all of the 'reviews' were from folks with zero reviews prior, and all positive and all quite similar. Make you wonder.
  10. I find this interesting. The main complaint while on Accutane for most is skin that is too dry causing flakes, irritation, redness and so on. If you remove all of your sebaceous glands you'll get the same thing, only worse. Accutane's main role is reducing the size of the gland and thus making it produce less oil. A secondary effect in that is it reduces the food supply for bacteria & may be anti-bacterial. Finally, it changes the keratinization behavior of the skin, so it doesn't tend to cl
  11. No offense, but it's like painting your car so you won't notice the flat tires.
  12. It's not pus coming out, the hard yellow stuff. It's the core comedo, made up of dried sebum (skin oil). That's why it has a greasy feel if you were to rub it between your fingers. When your pores get clogged, it is what clogs them, if it can build up for a while, it will get bigger and bigger.
  13. A few tips. Testosterone is converted to DHT where it then affects the skin and hair. Only so much gets converted, so amounts of it in the body will have only so much of an affect. Furthermore, the 'release' affect of normal sexual functioning will perhaps, over a day's natural passage of time, cause the person to have lower amounts of DHT/Androgens in the blood to stimulate oil glands. In other words. Sexual activity could actually reduce acne. Yep.
  14. Here's the ingredients for the SP 45 Clear Zinc 1oz jar: Active Ingredients: Octinoxate (7.5%), Octocrylen (7%), Octisalate (5%), Oxybenzone (4%), Zinc Oxide (1%) Inactive Ingredients: Deonized water, propylene glycol, cetearyl alcohol, sorbitan stearate, sucrose cocoate, polyisobutene, dimethicone, C12-15, alkyl benzoate, xanthan gum, methyl paraben, propyl paraben, diazolydinyl urea --------------------------------------------------------- Mark's Reply: Of those, I am a bit concerned about
  15. Not if used properly. If you rub it on quickly and not thoroughly, then you will look a little shiny. If you rub it in well, which is the best way to use it so it works best, your face looks normal. Just used it for 7 straight days (on vacation trying to avoid sun) and it was a pleasure. I put it on last, after other topicals. Mark D.