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  1. Use only egg white (1 table spoon) mix with squeezed lemon juice.
  2. Hi All, I have been using this regime for 3 weeks, it does fade the marks faster, but my forehead and cheeks started to have a lot of milia... they keep on growing... I wonder whether it has anything to do with baking soda or ACV? Anything has the same problem of this? I didn't have this problem before, and my pimples stop growing already. But now new thing -> milia... I wonder what has caused this happen.
  3. And what actually cause the milia to grow?
  4. Hi All, I don't break out much anymore but there are always having very tiny white heads on my cheek and forehead. I don't know what you call them, they are just very very tiny bump that no pain, no color, no head. But when u squeeze them, the white color thing will come out. If you don't squeeze them, they will seem like sitting on my face forever. What has caused it happen? I wash my face with baking soda and apply ACV and sometimes apply egg white mask. My face is not as oily as before anym
  5. I bought the Tea Tree Oil from BodyShop, but it's obvious that it has no effect on my pimples.
  6. Hi Frank, The Fast Flush program may cause you have more break out, it could be normal. I read some of the detoxing programs did mention that for those who have acne problem, they may experience serious break out. This is one of the process to clear your acne, so don't worry, it could be a good sign for you. Good luck!!
  7. I just realized that Antony mentioned about taking 10g of Vitamin C in a day. I thought it's 1g, now only I realized that it's 10G!! The Ester-C that I am having now having the instruction saying that take 1g per day. 1g compare to 10g is huge different. Is it save to take 10g? And if taking 10g of vitamin C took you 1-2 months to have clear skin, is that mean if I take only 1g of vitamin C each day will slow down the clearing process to maybe 6 months only can get clear skin?
  8. I have not been using SPF lotion since I broke out as I am afraid that the SPF lotion can cause my break out worse. Any suggestion on good SPF lotion that won't clog the pores?
  9. But AHA peel doesn't give long lasting result. I saw my mother's friends used AHA peel and when they stop using it, their skin become worse and dull. Anyone has any comment on this?
  10. Has anyone used it and then stop using it for months and see any effects on your skin? I really saw my mother's friends here have very dull skin with all the dark spots coming back again (due to expose to the sun) after stop using the AHA. Did anyone here do enough research on this? Thanks.
  11. Hi, please correct me if I was wrong about AHA. I hear of many women here using AHA and it gave amazing result to their skin. Their skin become wonderful and glowing. But it does have side effect, they cant expose to the sunlight, and they must continue using the AHA product. When they stop using it , their skin become dull again and even worse than before they used the AHA. And I read the article, some dermologists actually commented that AHA will cause our skin layer become thin and weak. S
  12. Anthony: LOL Funny!! I just wonder the "spot" that you meant is red spot or active pimples. And I don't know the difference between red spot and active pimples also. We have different way of calling them in manderin. My face is getting better now but not 100% clear yet. I failed to buy some of the supplements that you recommended here in my country. My biggest sadness now is all the brown marks on my forehead, I don't even like to look at the mirror. I squeezed them too much last time a