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  1. ok so i switched from the purpose to the cetaphil, no more weird brown/yellow stuff.. my skin is less greasy, but the cetaphil burns a little bit when i put it on, even after waiting 15-20 minutes and i'm using like minimal amounts of BP.. i also don't have the problem with the dry/cracking skin anymore.. i smear it all over, including the spots where i previously dried out.. luckily i've never had a problem with it bleaching anything (yet).. pillow cases, shirts, etc.. referring to what chi
  2. ok so i have issues.. been on the regimen for about a month.. sorta like a roller coaster as far as keeping skin clear.. but still a HUGE (and consistent) improvement from some of the hellaciously expensive "complete skin care line" stuffs i have tried before.. i use the purpose gentle cleansing bar, the acne.org bp gel, and the purpose dual treatment moisturizer.. i don't shave with a razor, i usually use trimmers to shave with, just get a really close trim.. when i DO shave with a razor, i s