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  1. I know. I absolutely despise stealing. I'm keeping a book of 'stolen items' and the prices... I plan to send a check to every place I've taken things from. The good news is, with a couple times daily regimen of a psoriasis cream followed by a good layer of hydrocortisone, the scars and red bumps are disappearing. I had a weird breakout of Impetigo a few months ago that reappears sometimes when i get very stressed. it's this ugly scab-like thing that appears on the tip of my nose. no idea why. I'
  2. this is making me INSANE. about 5 months ago when i moved out of my parent's home and into my apartment i started developing what i thought were ingrown hairs on my legs. I'm 19, female, and I've always had clear, healthy skin. I was a runway model for 4 years and I get an average of one or two blackheads on my face per month. I've been lucky. anyway, I'd tweeze the ingrowners with tweezers dipped in Tea Tree oil (works well) and they'd usually end up big irritated red bumps. Most of them occur