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  1. Well, I might just start using this CSR, but I'm wondering if I really should because honestly my skin is very very strange. I used to have moderate acne but over the years it all but disappeared. I'm 23 now and can go weeks without one single spot, or maybe just a little redness where a spot might have come and gone really quickly. But sometimes I just breakout quite badly, and not just a few minor little pimples, I mean nasty spots that are quite striking. Then in a few weeks, its all gone a
  2. Well, I've had my fair share of acne in my lifetime, being 21 now and moving from University into a proper career I'm really starting t take notice of my appearence. I have tried every over-the-counter treatment there is and also some treatments from the derm, the latest one is Erythromycin and it seems to be kinda working but I still break out. Now I must confess, other people tell me my acne is not noticable and when I run my hands down my face I cant feel any pimples, they seem to be marks