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  1. the results you saw with a temporary filler will if anything be better than with silicone. silicone is injected in smaller amounts because it is permanent. if you cant get scar where you want it with something like restylane, then you wont be able to get it where you want with silicone. theres another guy on here posting his pics and results. check it out.
  2. do you feel the fibers under the scar pop
  3. saw an interview with brad pitt in pretty harsh lighting the other day, his skin looks almost perfect. wonder what hes done for his scars?
  4. the people that have had good results far outweigh the people that havent. its just that the people who had bad experiences linger around to warn/complain. my sister has fairly dark skin (gets very tan in the summer) and she had amazing results. she was pink for a few months but now 2 years later she looks great and has no signs of ever having it done. if you are fair skinned then your chances of complications are greatly reduced. you should just talk to a surgeon that does it and ask for be
  5. just leave it alone and it will go away on its own
  6. sorry to keep asking ?s, but did he make an incision or simply lance and drain it?
  7. lamar- so you subcise your scars yourself? what kind of needles do you use? i recently bought some restylane that comes with its own syringes/needles, do you think i could subcise the scars first and then put the filler in? is there any issue with the strength of the needles.
  8. ive found that it stays pretty proportional. unless you get down below 10 percent body fat, it will probably not affect them too much. ive gotten down to about 8 percent body fat and my scars look much better. the weight loss has pulled my skin tighter over my facial bones and made my scars look less noticable. i only have a few rolling scars though, no icepicks.
  9. The nodule I had started off as a cyst - it just wasn't that inflamed when I had it removed (that is what I mean by extracted - he removed the entire lump from under my skin).
  10. I didn't know I had any allergies either. But it turned out that the cysts I used to get were from eating citrus.
  11. i really hope someone with some knowledgeable insight will chime in. i have my appt set for tuesday and im having a really hard time deciding whether or not to do this. i feel the scar of a suture could potentially be worse than the scar that the cyst would leave, but at the same time the cyst is slowly growing and it could leave a bad scar as well. which is worse?
  12. i have a real cyst. if they simply extracted it it would probably come back so i have to have it removed in one peace.
  13. ive asked this before but nobody responded. ihave a cyst thats been injected several times and keeps coming back. ive left it alone for a few months and its still there. its not really inflamed but it is noticeable. my derm says the only thing to do is excise it. anybody here had that done? if so how bad is the scar left from the sutures?
  14. do you think that these things make you sun sensitive? im a surfer and spend a lot of time outdoors.
  15. i can promise you that you will be glad to stop using all of that crap. i like everyone else tried absolutely everything, adn it just made things worse. my face is clear now except for a few small ones every once in a while. i just wipe the oil off my face in the morning and before bed and thats it. retin a and all that crap would sometimes help for a little while, but never did i find somehting that worked for an extended period of time.