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  1. do you think it would be alright if i did a bowel cleanse even though im busy all this week. im doing the more gradual approach of eating normally but healthy and taking a psyllium husk "shake" three times a day. will it make me crap like crazy or will it make me feel the same as usual. thanks
  2. has anybody gotten any noticeable results on getting rid of red marks by putting lemon juice on their marks every night???
  3. all i have now are red marks on my face that im waiting for to heal. I dont put anything on my face except for water and for a natural concealer/moisturizer during the day. i was just wondering why my red marks always look a lot lighter when i first wake up and then by the time its night time there really red again. does anyone else experience this and what could i do about it??? thanks
  4. what does raw garlic do for your body. is it an ant-oxidant? I was just wondering because i want to start taking it at night time. im going to chew about half a clove a night. thanks
  5. how does living in a city make you an idiot. id say its more intelligent than living in the forest with the bears.....rhinos.......heck! even monkeys!
  6. why do you waste your time on this messageboard if you dont agree with anything on it? you do realize your not helping anyone, right?
  7. hes giving his advice. and id say thats really good advice. cutting out bad foods will only help you and make you feel better. Even if it doesnt drastically change your skin, you will still be living a healthier lifestlye. in short, quit bein a dick
  8. yeah. ben kwellers annoying. plus his music sucks. haha.
  9. what do you mean by oil soluble? does that mean there bad??
  10. the vitamin c is in the b-complex supplement. and cayenne helps with circulation.
  11. i take about five supplements a day. two b-complex/vit c supplements, 2 cayenne supplements, and usually about one digestive aid. I was just wondering if theres any "side-effects" from supplements like the capsules not dissolving and constipating you or something. haha. i basically wanna know if what im doing is okay to do. thanks
  12. didnt make me feel sick. it made me feel good
  13. so how can you speed up the healing of the capillaries??
  14. thanks lumas. everybody elses replies confused me. haha