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  1. how good is the clean and clear advantage products? and neutrogena 1)Clean and clear advantage acne spot treatment 2)clean and clear advantage daily acne clearing lotion 3)neutrogena advanced solutions acne mark fading peel *god how long do the names have to be*
  2. i have some acne and i want to conceal it but i was wondering whats the best one and if u can link me to the site. MAKEUP WILL COVER UP ACNE AND MAKE U FEEL ALOT BETTER BOUT YOURSELF AND UR IMAGE WILL BE BETTER, CAUSE I KNOW AND IM A MALE MODEL.
  3. i have current and old and it doesnt really get rid of them just the red coloring that looks bad in public (sorry i hate acne to tryed everything) and just u make up to conceal them.
  4. im a male and want to hide acne is it ok for a guy to where makeup to hide it and if not why not?
  5. also it really gets rid of the red extremly fast but could overdry ur skin if u leave it to long on, also ur face does peel to get the red off so i defintly works
  6. just got it today and it rocks, works very fast and efficantly also read my other forum at the top about the best ive used.
  7. OK do u got acne? Well im shur cause ur reading this. It made me shy when i was younger and tryed to hide from events going on but if u try these they will make u hotter and u will have alot more self esteem. Here are 5 products i have and reviewed. 1)proactiv clear zone body lotion (body acne) +nourshing +reducess redness -takes a while to work (just keep using it) -expnsive 2)Proactiv repairing lotion +nice smell -doesnt work on me at all 3)clean and clear daily acne clearing lotion +nou