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  1. Verry treu fogprince, it was the same with me almost clear now.
  2. Accutane worked for me. For some reason i stoped drinking milk, but when i do this again i notice i get zits again i think stop drinking milk was a big cause of reducing the acne in combination with accutane, nothing else worked for me.
  3. Trust youre derm, it could take a bit longer in youre posistion, just accept the fact you taking medicin and the healing process is slow, you must see a little improvment (ask youre parents etc..) just wait at the end of your cure you will look alot better within a year you will be clear.
  4. I didn't notice large improvement @ 1 week before the end of my cure. I had 20MG for 3 months the last week of month 3 the improvment went realy realy fast. No more active acne, nothing new since then. After i quited i asked my derm if i could have more, but i didn't needed it, i was a little bit sceptic about the improvment. He said that improvment will go for another 2 months after nog using it, and he was right fucking amazing product. Almost clear now
  5. Did not work for me, 8 pills a day.
  6. I had body acne on my back. I cared about it alot in the beginining, but after a while i thought... fuck it. When I cared i did go out and swim alot. I did not care how people think, i like swimming so fuck them. The moment i dind't care about it anymore it dissapeared, i never looked at it anymore, never touched it and never threated it. I had a girlfriend, she did not care about it hower it was never severe by me.
  7. Just begin a low dossage and nothing will go wrong, talk to youre derm. I was scarred but the dossage couldnt do any harm with 20 to 40 MG, above it could cause some extra problems, keep in mind that you will get dry lips, the rest is mainly depended of the dossage. Accutane is around for like 30 years.
  8. Sounds logical, i had back acne used alot of shit, from one day to the other i didn't care about it anymore. Now its gone... But 2 weeks not looking at the mirror, you cant. I have to do my hair
  9. Is the sun really related with darker red marks. I'm going on vacation in about one week. I will go to France and the sun there is really hot. I swimm alot (make's it worse). But always when i go on vacation and swimm and just not look at my redmarks they will tone because of the sun, dont know if they fade, but you can't see them anymore. I never looked at my redmarks when i got back from my vacation and my skin became less brown again. This is the first time i worry about this, because last
  10. Btw do you have any hair on youre forhead ? I cant see mine i want to look like an ape
  11. Damn, you look great man. Respect, keep it up