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  1. Hello Well Well, i bumped into the chick again at the photocopying machine today at the library and decided to might as well have a chat or get to know her, whatever u like to call it. Other than ignoring her and pretending shes not there. Hmm.. turned out alright, infact, shes fantastic! Turns out she has acne too ^^ light acne... lol but so do i so meh Good advice guys! lol even though it was so frickin simple and obvious.. lol meh im just lost
  2. hey dudes! thanx for the reply yeah, never really looked at the other solution besides ignoring her = problem will fade away, but damnit its gotten worse so frickin bad its killing my work!!!! i dunno man... i dont it to make it any worse but yeah in this course its not a friendly environment to communicate in.... everyones after each others scholarships and honors listings lol (my view anyway)
  3. Hi Before you start reading this isn't related to acne Okay, so i have this stupid little thing that is distracting me. Basically, i am constantly peeking or looking at some chick in my lecture hall. But i don't even know her name or anything about her except that she is in 4th year and i am in 3rd year of UNI and she does the same course as me (eng & commerce), i think. but fk! it has gone outta control!!! i only started realised this early second semester when my lecture pad started get
  4. for me is that she must not smoke, bite nails or be less than 165cm in height also must be able to play some kinda sport (i.e. basketball)
  5. Religon is the cause of most conflicts without it the world would be a much better place... remember!! faith is belief without evidence
  6. hmmmm let me remind you people that THERE IS NO SUCH THING as GOD.... sigh
  7. Quick q.. Why do people believe? I don't get it Most of my friends are christian and they have been trying to convert me for approx 4 years now.. lol still no luck but yeah... dont get
  8. What higher power? No such thing i.e. God or whatever Do you believe it has a plan? No Do you believe it is loving? If not, what is it? No Do you believe in an afterlife? No such thing What causes you to believe in a higher power? Nothing, i don't believe
  9. hello i'm kind of in the same situation atm. even worse is that i don't even know her name lol still, i try to keep myself away from her so that i can concentrate on finishing off my studies (2 more years inc. post grad) then i'll see what happens then lol reckon this is a stupid thing to do?
  10. You only have a few spots here and there, also your quite lucky you have no scars Still if i were you i wouldn't give a sh*t about it... there are more important things to worry about than those few spots
  11. When this starts happening, it's only natural to want to look away... ←
  12. I hate it when you notice the person you are talking too starts scanning your face - staring down at the every imperfection on your face, throughout the conversation.
  13. My finals are in 15 weeks, i won't break out till then... Then it would clear up during my summer break and the cycle starts again. This has always been my acne trend since i started uni three years ago.
  14. No use praying. I've tried it once, never went back to it. Don't worry, you'll be fine.