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  1. Oh, that's what I've been using...so far it doesn't seem to cause clogged pores. Hope this helps ^^
  2. 1. I tried to use it, and it made the entire right side of my face puff up, get red, and get these disgusting scales -- it's hit or miss, it seems, and personally, I feel that the only thing worse than consistently having acne is having Proactiv (or any other acne treatment, for that matter) stop the acne temporarily, then having it all come back, because after you have clear skin for whatever period of time, having acne again would just feel so much worse...but that's just my take on it 2.
  3. It worked fairly well for me -- maybe I'm not allergic to bismuth oxychloride? However...it was a little too pricey for me to keep using -- as I've recommended elsewhere, I like veggie girl's makeup and Raesin Images because they look and feel great, and aren't overpriced like sheer cover is. Incidentally, I've tried Bare Minerals once -- a Sephora makeup artist put it on me -- and didn't like it nearly as much as Sheer Cover, but maybe it just depends on what you like...
  4. Get a second opinion, especially if you've actually shown it to your derm...
  5. I use Raesin Images sometimes -- I use the "Foundation Extreme" and I like its coverage, plus I was able to find an almost exact color match because of Raesin's extensive selection of shades, more than most mineral (or any) makeup brands have
  6. That would depend upon how shallow the person is with whom you are having sex...
  7. ....AMEN! P.S. what's sad is that acne and acne issues are the LEAST of my problems right now....so yes definitely FUCK LIFE!!
  8. Hey, if you can confirm if it was truly milia and not anything else, I want to try it...I have milia on my nose and under my eyes~ btw, zade, you joined the acne.org board on my 20th b-day^^
  9. Seriously, I wish a mask like that was as popular an accessory as say, a hat, belt, or scarf. That would be so completely awesome...it would be so much easier to slip one of those on than wear makeup everyday! Anyone else ever think like this?
  10. Yah. If all that stuff people say about my face structure and whatnot being nice is true, then I suppose so! I'm in the middle of another TCA peel to get me one step closer to being rid of brown hyperpigmentation...
  11. I don't blame you at all, and no, you aren't in the wrong forum! Like a lot of people are saying, it's a matter of perspective. Yet, knowing that doesn't help me cope when people think my dark brown hyperpigmentation is some major skin disease
  12. Well if you need more from drugstore.com than just that, buying $49 worth gets you free shipping...that's how I do it ^^
  13. Yeah, I think so too. What I wanna know is.. why is hyperpigmention so hard to get rid of? Heh, I wish I knew the answer to that question o.0 People tell me all the time that they think I shouldn't feel so bad because I don't have as much acne and "those dark marks will fade away" -- well, they don't! Or maybe they are, gradually, it just takes forever See...only my active acne is red...once they become hyperpigmentation, they are no longer red, but brown/dark brown/and at the worst
  14. idk much about mineral makeup. tell me more, where do i get it, what's different about it, link me or somethin thx Well, there are TONS of info/opinions/etc. about mineral makeup in this forum, just do some browsing and you'll see! Very basically, though, Bare Minerals and Sheer Cover are kind of like the "pioneers" of mineral makeup; they both have their respective infomercials and websites (bareminerals.com and sheercover.com); many people like both, but they do have two problems: high pri
  15. Good for you Obviously you're using the right makeup, or you're very good at using it, or both! Keep up the good work^^