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  1. well, i've had acne ever since about 13, and i'm 17 now. i've tried every over the counter method, and none really worked.. or they did and i would get bad side effects like purple scars, or dry skin.. so i didn't really think they were worth it. for awhile i just did nothing about my acne, and it got pretty bad. so, one day i said to myself: i must find a solution. after a few "tests" i've noticed no matter what any doctor/etc says, most (about 85%) of my acne is triggered by certain foods.
  2. well, i went to my NEW doctor today (since i haven't been to one for almost three years) for a checkup, there is protein in my urine, but that's off topic. anyways.. he seen *one* pimple on my face, and he prescibes me some "Bezaclin Topical Gel" nonsense. and he wanted to give me something stronger, but i guess he couldn't since i'm not 18 (i assume it was Accutane?) is it me, or does he sound quite insane? and likes to overkill things. i will not use this gel for a few reasons: 1. it wil