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  1. I'm still at it. I think around the Dec/Jan holidays I skipped a week or 2, but for the most part I've been pretty good. Oh and at one point I couldn't get my morning routine down. But I have to say that I have both the morning and evening pretty solid. The only thing is sometimes I apply it at night too late. I'll work on that. One thing that has been helping me is applying both the gel and the moisturizer w/ a cotton ball. I know that's not in the regimen, but it helps me not obses
  2. I know when I tried Proactiv, it seemed as if the glycolic acid was really working on my marks. But I had to stop b/c the acid actually ended up breaking me out. I can't do any kind of acid actually...salicylic, glycolic, lactic, etc. I bet those moisturizers will work over time. The marks eventually do fade themselves, it's just that there are agents that can help speed up the process through exfoliation/removing old layers of skin. In the past BP actually started fading my marks as well;
  3. I do so much at work actually. I basically put on my BP at work, then moisturizer, then makeup. And I wash my hands and do all appropriate wait times in between. Today has been going to smoothly. I took some more pics and took them here at work. Think this is where I'll do my updates. So every Tuesday, I'll take a pic. And I like the lighting on these and feel they give a more accurate picture. I am experiencing the whole initial BP experience w/ the redness, itchiness, irritation, but
  4. itismehmmkay

    Progress Pics

    No makeup...Ahhhhh! The point of this tracker is to get to the point where not wearing makeup doesn't look so scary lol
  5. Optimistic that this'll work again. It's just been two days though. Def wishing it would just go away already though. I'm so tired of my skin not being clear.
  6. So I ended up putting the BP on at work this morning. Last night was no big deal; applied the same way and did the same wait times mostly. This morning I was rushing out and didn't wash my face first thing. So I just pumped some BP in a ziplock bag. Then by the time I got to work, washed my hands and put some on my face. I let that dry maybe 30min., then applied my moisturizer. Then after about 15min applied my mix of liquid foundation and banana boat aloe vera gel...basically my take on a
  7. Oh meant to note that I used just 1/2 a pump both at night and in the morning. Will keep this up for the rest of the week.
  8. Had a good start last night. I also took some pics which I'll post later So last night I washed my face during my bath which I typically do. This helps make sure I get all my makeup off, especially along my jawline. It's just not the same if I wash at the sink. (I can wash over the sink in the mornings though). So in keeping with making sure my skin is dry, I actually waited until much later before applying the BP. Not necessarily on purpose, but I do quite a bit in the evenings and hav
  9. Ohhkaaaaay. Here we go. I'm going to start tonight. I actually already bought some of Dan's gel a few weeks ago, but at the time I was on a regimen of using that Proactiv mask, which I really like. I'm thinking of keeping it up for 1x a week still. Kinda like how Dan throws in glycolic acid (which my skin hates! It does wonders for exfoliating and removing marks, but my skin is just so sensitive to it and I start breaking out); that's how I'll throw in the sulfur. Anyway. I think I
  10. I've been here before but have always gone back and forth with whether I want to use BP. It does produce results. Eh. Think I'll try again. So just saying hey and here's to clear skin.
  11. itismehmmkay

    Week 2

    So no real obvious differences. But my skin is definitely doing the drying thing, which I figure is good because it's as if the dead blemish cells are sloughing off. I just hate it when the corners of my mouth, corners of my eyes, and under my chin are so dry. I'm trying to perfect my technique in applying the moisturizer without blending BP to these areas. Here are some pics. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/uploads/1..._10997_8570.jpg http://www.acne.org/messageboard/uploads/127898
  12. itismehmmkay

    Week 1

    I'm going to track my progress weekly. I'll take a pic each Sat or Sunday and see how things go. Even though I've been on the regimen already, I'm making this week the first week that I've been getting into the hang of doing the regimen exactly. For instance I just started w/ applying the gel on in the morning, I didn't do that before. And like tonight, I'll be adding moisturizer for the first time in a while; usually I wouldn't moisturize at night. So we'll see
  13. So with the scars, I'm thinking I need a good exfoliator. I do remember that when I used Proactiv back in the day, that toner really was pretty good and removing scars. I kind of had a love-hate relationship with it though because it appeared that the G-acid would give me an initial breakou...I guess because in exfoliating that layer of skin, it is revealing an active blemish??? IDK. But I could tell the difference in my skin tone and scars if I didn't use it. Whatever the case I think I'
  14. Hey there. So already posted these in my blog, but here go my starting pics. It is so much worse than I thought I don't really have active inflammed blemishes, but my scars are outrageous! I've attached the pics and they are also in my gallery. ETA: By the way I have a great makeup that makes those scars almost invisible. So when my skin is smooth, w/ makeup I really do look like I have perfect skin. But the point is to have beautiful skin to wake up to right???