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  1. I am sorry to hear that the pill didn't work for you. I have never tried Yaz. I do recommend Ortho Lo. I have been on it for two years, and my face started clearing up drastically in the first month I started to take it. I only have very mild breakouts that go away within two days, when I get really close to the placebos. Before I started taking it, I used antibiotics and prescribed topicals that did nothing to clear me up, and mostly just irritated my face.
  2. My acne affects me negatively more than anything else. With that said, here's a self-pitying list of some of the other imperfections I have (some real and some potentially imagined): 1) My teeth. They are 2nd to acne as far as my most hated imperfections go. I loathe them, so I never smile with my teeth in pictures. I have even gone so far as to train myself how to smile by not showing them so much. Now I just smile like that subconciously. 2) My nose. I think it's too big and too rounded
  3. I have to agree with everyone else that this is an awesome thread! I'd have to say I like my eyes because they are so unique ( I have heterochromia iridium, aka, different colored eyes. My left eye is green, and my right eye is brown. ) I also like my lips because of their size and shape. I buy a lot of lipstick/lipgloss haha.
  4. Great topic. I have always had issues with this, because I don't take compliments well. It doesn't even have to do with my physical appearance. For example, say a teacher compliments me on doing a good job on a project. That makes me feel embarrassed because I believe I don't deserve the praise. (I know, it's screwed up). Anytime someone says I am pretty/gorgeous/cute I think they are either lying or insane...especially if I am not wearing makeup when they say it. It's not just my acne that giv
  5. "Oh my God, your skin looks terrible. You should try Proactiv." - My so-called friend. I didn't leave the house for three days after that.
  6. 5. I broke out a lot recently, and still have some redmarks.
  7. 1. What is your current age/grade? 17/12th Grade 2. What kind of student are you? I'm the classic "has ability, but does not put forth effort" student. I generally have B's and C's. 3. What is your fav. class? Psychology 4. Which subject do you hate? Math tied with Chemistry 5. Which is your best subject? English 6. What after school activities are you involved in? Math tutoring. And even though it isn't involved with the school, I am a cashier at a pharmacy. 7. What is your biggest
  8. Mine used to be much worse two years ago. Now I just get occassional pesky breakouts, which I consider fairly mild. But I still get self-concious about it, especially in certain lighting, like Lameness said.
  9. My worst one would have to be back when I was a freshman in high school. I went a little overboard with my topical acne cream, and consequently burned the fuck out of my chin. It was bright red and dry for the worst two weeks of my life. I couldn't look anyone in the eye. It was horrible.
  10. I noticed acne before I started to get it when I was twelve, but I always seemed to have an indifferent attitude towards it. I still am that way...when it comes to other people. I am the only person I judge and scrutinize for having acne. Just today I saw this guy at the mall who had a ton of redmarks on his face, but my first reaction was "Wow, he's hot!" I am a facial-structure kind of girl.
  11. I hate the winter too. The daylight is much brighter. (Natural light grr) My acne is aggravated by the cold more. The cold always makes my eyes red and watery. That's attractive. And my skin dries out. Good times.
  12. I definitely am attracted to guys who are the opposite of me. For example, I know a guy who is extremely outgoing, is almost egotistical in his confidence, likes to tease, and is kind of obnoxious...yet I am completely infatuated with him.
  13. I've never heard or seen that before . Damn must've been painful everytime u blinked agreed the cheek pimples always seem to be the bigger and most noticeable cause they always leave a scar behind.