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  1. I used to have really oily skin too, and then after a few days of using BP my skin was dry and flaky and pink before putting on moisturizer. Trust me oily skin is more fun than dry and flaky.
  2. It's when you suddenly(say overnight) develop a whole bunch of pimples on your face or body.
  3. I'm pretty sure I do, all through highschool I never felt comfortable with bringing anyone to my home and even now. I have people I talk to a bit at work but I have no friends that I hang out with. I just have my boyfriend(who I met on the internet), and he has to practically drag me out of my place to go anywhere, most of the time I just stay at home. When people come up to me about anything that I do wrong and start questioning me in a non-friendly tone I end up crying(I can't help it, just ha
  4. I've just started using rosehips oil(supposed to be good for redmarks, acne, etc.) and emu oil on my face as of last night. I'm completely wiping BP off of my regimen list as it was creating too much redness and flakey dry skin even when used sparingly. I have also started taking Omega 3-6-9 softgels and am working on drinking a lot more water and cutting back on a lot of my sugary treats. I'll tell you how it works out for me. Wish me luck.
  5. I'd like to add that rosehips has a very high concentration of vitamin C and can be applied directly to the skin and is helpful for all kinds of things including red marks, scarring, pigmentation issues, etc.
  6. I've started using rosehips oil for my red marks and scarring. I did some research around the internet and it noted that the benefits of rosehips oil include fading pigmentation spots, acne scars and sun spots among other things. Here are some websites I found about rosehips oil that you may find interesting. http://www.primalnature.com/rosehipsoil.html http://bodywrapproducts.com/body-wrap-ingr...ts/rosehips.htm http://www.pinnaclenature.com/rosehipoil.html - (contains pop-ups)
  7. Only problem with that is you're going to be on the toilet all night. I found that eating prunes themselves tastes better, don't really like it in juice form. Anyways, I don't see how the way you drink prune juice would make a difference as long as you aren't choking on it.
  8. Why do you insist on being so vain? You're saying girls are flocking over you, why must you ask at all?
  9. I just started taking some omega 3-6-9 softgels which contain fish oil, flax oil, and borage oil. I've also started dabbing a bit of rosehips oil over my body acne and now using emu oil as moisturizer, I used some last night and my skin feels so soft today.
  10. I used to have braces and I had to get two teeth pulled as they were so cramped up if they didn't pull any there would be no space for the teeth to move. The back teeth and my front teeth moved to fill in the gap. My teeth used to look pretty bad looked like a V shape sticking out from the front, icky. Getting braces was one of the best things that ever happened to me(once they were taken off).
  11. 1. 10-12 or whenever I'm so tired I feel like passing out 2. 6-8hrs 3. Once or twice a week 4. Lactose intolerant Is this some kind of survey?
  12. How far should you wait into the regimen until you consider using facial masks, also can you give some examples of some good types of facial masks to use? I have one with tea-tree oil is that ok to use along with the regimen or is it too irritating?
  13. Try to go by the instructions on the regime as closely as you can, I wouldn't add anything like salicylic acid to your face while using BP as the combination of the two would cause even more dryness/irritation. Also, it is recommended that you use the 2.5% BP to reduce the amount irritation. Use moisturizer! Buy a moisturizer that is oil-free, hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic with SPF 15 or more as using BP can increase your sensitivity to UV light and of course to alleviate the drying effect. A