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  1. Thanks for sharing. I just started using Epiduo, the sample kinda small too only 5g. About 4th day using, more blemishes and new acne... skin became real dry, i think it is the same as I first started using BP 10%. Even the 5% I'm using doesn't cause flaky looking skin. Actually wanted to try it out and see the effects, as I still have half tube of my Benzac BP 5% & acne.org BP. Don't look encouraging but it seems that every Epiduo starter has to suffer this 1-2 weeks...
  2. Does Epiduo stain/bleaches your clothes? I have a sample of Epiduo yet to try because I still have my 5% Benzac BP. I have used both 5% and 10% and they do have the ability to bleach certain clothings. Also Nutrogena OTS. I'm curious if Epiduo will bleach their clothes or formal/dress shirts? It has 2.5% BP so I'm guessing it has a potential to, anyone have such experience? My condition is mixed, sometimes there's no cyst with only a few small pimples, but sometimes there can be 3-4. I usual
  3. http://www.skinbasique.com/products.htm It looks reliable enough. I wonder if anyone here tried it before? Or intending to? I've used BP for a few yrs but never managed to get the complete clear smooth skin, or maybe did once or twice. I'm quite a serious case, used to have many cysts so I was on accutane until they cleared. Now only using BP, with some little whiteheads, I do see cysts sometimes but not often. And so I stumbled upon that website and it look promising. About 50USD for 1 to
  4. truly, if 90% is real, there must be a big country out there with many people having acne. I can only believe if 20-30% people having acne. But there can be body acne too.. we're not too sure if that can make up the rest of the percentage.. lol
  5. sometimes i get acne(cyst) when i wake up the next morning.. lol usually at the scalp tho..
  6. yea..it gets dry.. like v.minor flaky looking, lol. i juz wet it, and it'll look normal~ -.-, i think having sex may even peel the skin? lol, juz guessing. lips..serious cracking~ i'm licking my lips, and my frens think i'm a pervert, lol..
  7. 20mg, 65kg. pretty serious acne, start on 3rd mth course.. not cleared, mayb less oil,blackheads,pimples. cysts still loiter around.
  8. 12eggs a day?? -.-" mayb i'm too poor to afford that, i barely haf 1 a day, lol..
  9. Haha yea.. its 8august 8am now.. 9august is SG's bday, so its slightly early, haha. Thx for all the reply guys..!
  10. Hey guys, i'm still on accutane course. I forgot to ask my derm about this today. Guess i shall ask it here. I'm going overseas for holiday. I'm a Singaporean, i'll probably visit Thailand, Hongkong etc. Can i bring my accutane along? Or will it be confiscated at the customs? Thanks.
  11. Hmm.. actually for the near ending of ur course, u should be cleared. Only left with some red marks. I personally dun think having new pimples or existing active pimples is normal nor good at near ending course. Given ur weight, the course should have met 125mg/kg. Perhaps u should ask ur derm? If its not ur personal habit that causes them, like cleanliness, i think u shld ask if its possible to extent the course by a little bit more. Yup, red marks remain still. Some go after time, some dun
  12. Nimegen has the effects of all other accutane. It also works similarly. There's this jab thing tht can clear cyst in 1-2days. Cost about 50$. Leaves no scar too. I didn't have it, i wanna give tane more time..finished 2mth so far. if near mth 5 lidat still got then i go for it liao.
  13. lol i do experience them. my cyst are those huge 1.. not those compact and all around the cheecks. i guess they are territorial dominant, lol. they wld go away naturally 1-3weeks later. sometimes they become smaller, and sometimes become bigger again. mine pops by itself while washing my face. usually will go away aft the pop, and leaving a reddish mark. as for the mark, i dunno how long it takes them to go away, but usually aft some tan they become less visible.. guess i took the patience
  14. at least ur not alone accutanegirl ^^..month 2 too! -less oil -almost no blackheads -damn cysts juz wun surrender, they die..and leave some red patches, then new 1 pop up somewhere else, lol... to put in bluntly too, farkers.
  15. heh i got no idea why its a big NO. mayb its personal stuffs... i live in singapore, i went to a derm in Hougang. guess i shall get a new BP cream then.. or i'll wait till i go back to ask abt it, since i have to do a compulsory blood test for safety sake aft 2mths.