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  1. lmao that is so tru, like take the movie "Greese" for example
  2. i would of gotten phisical witht hem cuz of the dog thing, but im an animal lover
  3. yeah this happen when i was still in highskool. I was on the basketball court and messing this guy up so he starts trying me saying, i got mad sh** on my face and that i need proactive. He said all this from the bench cuz he lost. I pretended i didnt hear him, but i definatelly did and probly will never forget it. thanks a lot. but thats the past, gotta move on.
  4. What is the strongest sun screen out there that wont clog your pores. Im going to be in the sun for like the whole day and I something that would help block the sun, but wont clog pores. thank you
  5. i was wondering can u still get it there?
  6. Hi Tracy, u say that accutane made your skin fragile and unable to heal like it used to. So my question is, do u regret taking accutane?
  7. yes blood tests are required once a month and no, there is no way of getting out. they usually take about 2-3 days for them to send it to your derm. For me it costs $118 I've heard alcohol on accutane is bad
  8. I talk to my mom about my acne all the time. It's good to just get it of your back. I'm from south florida