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  1. i agree pears soap is the best soap i have ever used, its mild as well as non-comedogenic
  2. Well, I have a witch hazel astringent that has 14% alcohol in it and I like it. It's not over-drying, but it has a funny smell to it. It doesn't help my acne. It just serves as a cool/ natural astringent. ←
  3. just wondered if any one has used pure distilled witch hazel?. Is it supposed to be good for acne? any feedback much appreciated
  4. i am not sure how bp can cause wrinkles,i thought wrinkles were caued when less collagen is produced, and the elastin fibers that provide elasticity wear out. and then these changes in the scaffolding of the skin cause it to wrinkle and sag. how does BP producing oxygen free radicals effect this?
  5. http://www.acne.org/whatisacne.html i think a cyst is a bigger more infected whitehead (see the diagram above of whitehead)
  6. yeah thats right "callmeback" the peroxide part of the mediacation breaks down to give an oxygen free radiacal, the P.acnes bacteria are anaerobic (respire without oxygen), so the oxygen effectivly kills them. Unlike antibiotics there is no chance for the bacteria to mutate to become resitant oxygen, the bacteria will allways respire anerobiaclly so oxygen will allways kill it. Maybe now you are clear you are applying less bp??
  7. i do not think that bp increaes your photosensitvity (tanning). The UV radiation in sunlight kills the P acnes bacteria, but it also kills the "good bacteria" aswell So in moderation it can be helpful
  8. I work at Boots the chemists and we are allways finding empty boxes of those biore strips, people just steal them all the time!!! To be honest i think they are too expensive for what they are, but still loads of people buy or steal them, i tried them myself and i don't think they are that great